The Animal Husbandry (AH) project incorporates managing a huge database of animal husbandry information and a gamut of functionalities that incorporates milk recording, breeding & lactation reports, vaccine & breeding notifications, calf rearing program, income & expense reports, weight changes, etc.

Balanced Ration in Cost Effective Way

The system prepares a low-cost nutrition ration chart, based on recorded information and requirement for each animal.

Animal Information

Animal information like Calf rearing, Heat date, AI date, PD date, Calving date, Weight measurement, etc. are collected and stored in the inclusive cattle management software for each lactation.

Animal Wise Milk Recording

Individual lactation-wise milk production is recorded into the system for each animal. Milk recording can be done daily or in every 10 day.

Herd/Farm Management

Data like Farm Herd average & Wet average, farm cleanliness, airiness, farm construction, etc. are recorded and stored in the inclusive farm management software.

Animal Wise Alerts To Farmers

Alerts on individual animal's lifecycle event like Heat, PD check, Drying up, Weight check, Calving, Vaccination, etc. are sent to farmers via SMS.

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Features That Matter

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Regional Language Support

The software application is available in multiple languages based on different regions..
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Milk Data Recording

Incorporates recording milk quantity periodically, collect Milk Fat and SNF records..
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Animal Lifecycle Events

Includes breeding & lactation reports, vaccine notifications, calf rearing program..
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Alerts to Service Person

Alerts notifying about any event in the lifecycle of a particular animal are sent..
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Alerts to Management

These alerts provide a summarized information for total milk collection..
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Alerts to Doctors

The doctors are informed about the animals regularly via notifications so the doctors..
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Ration Balancing System

A detailed program that suggests optimal feed requirements for different animals on the farm..
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Financial Analysis

Provides a brief report on daily income and expense incurred to the farmer to track the same..
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Q&A with Doctors

Farmers and service persons can raise any query related to the cattle and the..
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Role-based Security

Not all the AH application users are granted access to all the functionalities.
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Location Tracking

The location of a service person can be tracked while he is recording data..
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Online/Offline Android Application

The AH application does not require a persistent internet connection to run which proves..
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