Prompt AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection Software) provides a comprehensive solution to digitize the farmers and rural areas of India. The dairy milk collection software is a popular automatic milk collection system in India that automates the conventional milk collection and procurement process followed by the Dairy Industry.


Captures accurate quantity, fat and SNF of milk in real-time and automatically calculates payment of the farmer which improves transparency.


Provides direct benefits to milk producers through Cashless Payments their bank accounts are directly linked to milk society.


Milk societies are able to collect more milk in less time as the milk fat and SNF are calculated automatically, speeding up the milk collection process.


Data management is reliable and efficient as bank transactions are accurately maintained due to direct payment.


Farmers receive instant notifications whenever payment is credited to their accounts which help them keep track of their milk business.


Farmers can rely on trustworthy services provided by the cashless milk societies which boost their association and increases satisfaction.

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Features That Matter

Check out what you can do with this Farmers App!

Data Transaction

Activities related to the society like data back-up, export, import, data checking, etc..
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Dairy Rates

The structure of dairy prices as received by the society from the dairy can be entered..
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Member Master

The amount paid to farmers for their milk is registered into the system as per values
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Message Master

The messages to be sent to farmers on behalf of milk society is entered here along with..
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Customer Master

Shows the list of all customers for local milk sale, and their respective account..
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Data Transfer

The farmer app maintains the farmer’s overall monetary balance account information..
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Mobile Registration

Used to register mobile numbers of farmers under the society to provide them access..
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Milk Collection

Let’s you enter details of milk collection for a particular date and shift for each farmer..
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Shift Collection

Used to stores details of all the milk slips/bills received from milk union..
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Allows storing records of payments given away to farmers on a given date..
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Milk Reports

Various analytical reports can be generated by the system like Member List, Purchase Summary..
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Slip Printing

Data for the milk purchased by the milk society in each shift can be printed on milk slips..
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