BovSmart - Cattle monitoring system

Two Strong Reasons to Adopt Cow Monitoring System

It is well known that for a successful dairy farm, successful breeding plan is the backbone. Milk production and reproduction go hand in hand. For a successful breeding plan, it is essential that your heat detection process must be very

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BovSmart - Animal Heat Detection System

BovSmart- A Smart Device to Monitor Cow’s Activity  

No one has ever thought that one day, dairy farming would be the new attraction for technology. Surprisingly, the world has accepted and adjusted itself with this new technology revolution. IoT, the trending technology has gifted advanced and updated solutions

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8 best ways to improve early lactation and milk yield

A successful lactation promises good health and improved earning. Farmers take this aspect seriously, but somehow lack of knowledge and information becomes a constraint in better early lactation performance. Proper nutrition and good health during early lactation assure good health

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How latest technology helps small dairy farmers?

Dairy Farming, this particular word seems to be ‘easy to do’ occupation but its meaning shifts entirely to a different side when you get into this sector. This non-peculiar sector turns peculiar when you go through the guidelines and instructions

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How can you improve your dairy farming?

The scenario of milk production has undoubtedly changed in the last few decades, but the profit of farmers isn’t much observed. The reason can be weak managing system or procurement of milk at a low cost. Though an increase in

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How Smartphones can Improve Cattle Management?

Smartphone has adjusted itself in every life either it’s of technology or Homo sapiens. The tremendous changes on the positive side have enabled all the possibilities which can shift ‘zero’ to a huge success.Today the “A to Z” information-rich mobile

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