Fatomatic is a fully automatic fat measuring machine that comes with auto-zero facility, proven measurement principle, unique motor & gear design, and sensor based motorized operation among other attributes.

Quantity of Milk

Capture accurate quantity of milk stored in the BMC and track changes in case of adulteration and spillage of milk.

Temperature of Milk

Maintain and monitor the accurate temperature in BMC to prevent curdling, souring and spoiling of milk while preserving proper quality.


Monitor power supply through a generator or power grid to regulate temperature and quantity of milk in BMC even in the case of power failure.


Helps in avoiding icing of milk as agitator rotates continuously in BMC while maintaining a suitable temperature of the milk.


Hot water CIP is automatically detected. The maximum temperature for hot water and CIP duration is logged.


Generates proper and required temperature in BMC in order to retain desired milk quality over a longer period of time.

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Features That Matter

Check out what you can do with this BMC Smart Box!

Interface of milk analyzer

Data calculated by milk analyzer is compatible to the BMC SmartBox, that is, it can be
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Role-based user access and data transfer using secure AES-256 encryption algorithm.
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Data Transfer

All master data can be transferred/ imported through pen drive and GSM.
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For Temperature Sensor: PT100, Accuracy: 1°C, Range: 0°C to 70°C
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Real Time Monitoring

Through Pen drive for which USB port is available in system
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During dispatch, dispatch details like Actual Quantity, Dispatch Quantity
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Shift Close

The operator can close shift after completion of milk collection in particular shift.
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Complaint Management

Admin or supervisor can view complaints of different BMC monitoring devices
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Push Message

Admin or supervisor push messages to BMC monitoring device through web application
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Detailed Reports

Milk Data Reports, Offline BMC Report, Shift Completed Report, Dispatch Report
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SMS Alert

Alerts are configured, enabled and disabled through web application by Admin User.
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Email Alert

Alerts are configured through web application by admin user
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How it works

We interface with other devices like agitator, compressor, generator, etc., and set the parameters to monitor in our system. Any deviation observed by our system will send alert to the server through its GSM connectivity. To measure the milk quantity in the tank we use highly advanced laser beam technology to attain highest level of accuracy.

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