Co-operative society is a legal entity to conduct business without establishing a company.It pools together human resources to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs help with the mutual objective of providing services and support to members.

Co-operative societies aims to encourage complete cooperation between each individual within the organisation. They emphasis on considering every member to be equal and deserts the idea of hierarchy.This not only improves the relationship between staff members and senior management as well as between service providers and customers.

Objectives of Co-operative societies:

  • Focus on low income and deprived people of the community, especially women who have no accessibility to any financial institutions
  • Active participation of all members disregarding any kind of racial, social, political, religious or gender discrimination.
  • Creating opportunities for education, training and information to develop their members as well as their staff.
  • Cultivate habit of savings among the co-operative members.
  • Execution & Promotion of income generation activities for the sustainable livelihoods of the community.

Prompt Softech has developed various products for Co-operative societies considering the needs and requirements making whole process efficient, effective and less time consuming.

Our product also provides local language support into our systems to ease up the task and for better understanding of the whole process.

Challenges of Co-operative societies:

  • Improper records of financial transactions.
  • Mismanagement of resources by the management committee.
  • Unorganised vast data affects the performance of the organisation.
  • Lack of proper interface to store and manage the details of farmers and members.
  • Lack of tools or system which can provide the analytical reports to ascertain the performance of the co-operative society.
  • Lack of managerial talent leads to improper allocation of resources.

Prompt Softech contribution towards Co-operative Societies :

  • Generation of every important statements in graphical form.
  • Proper maintenance of records and other essential data of both the farmers and members.
  • Ability to measure and improve the performance of the co-operative society.
  • Complete loan management system covering transaction like loan sanction, loan disbursement, loan repayment and more.
  • Helps to maintain Cashbook, Shakh Patrak, Stock Statements, member’s Information
  • Statement for Banks, Trial Balance& Final accounts.
  • Makes every transaction fast, easy and transparent for both farmers and society bodies.

Products Offered


Prompt Credit Society Management System automated the entire Loan process

Co-operative societies provide loan facilities for the farmers to support them in their farming activities. However, lengthy loan process and huge data management was affecting a Mehsana based credit co-operative society. Some of those problems were problem in finding year wise report, land calculation, interest calculation on saving a/c and loans, improper loan and deposit reports and problem in creating Shakha Patrak, Magna Patrak.


IT solutions transforming regular vegetable merchants into next generation merchants

Vegetable merchants buy fruits and vegetable from the farmer and sell the same from their shops in the market. As there are too many transactions it was very tedious to keep all the records intact and if they forget to record even a single data then they were having issues in account balancing. Their process includes the purchase-sale transactions, maintain daybook, printing the farmer slips, generating the different reports & statements. These merchants has to waste 4 to 5 hours daily due to manual work process. Prompt made innovative software that was easy to use yet very versatile. This software not only made their work streamlined but also helped them to save a lot of time and efforts