Dairy has been prime occupation and source of income along with Farming for rural part of our country. It has prolonged process of collecting unprocessed milk from the farmers to deliver processed milk and milk products like Ghee, Cheese, Butter, etc; to end consumers.Milk has to go through various processes of treatment and quality checks in order to qualify as consumable product. In India, scenario has been changing and Dairy Industry is also rapidly growing along with many other industries. Dairy Industry is adopting new technologies to ensure the quality of milk at each stages right from procurement of raw milk to finished products.

Our Presence at various stages of Milk Supply Chain :

Prompt Softech has wide range of solutions for Dairy Industry. We have been contributing to dairy industry with conviction to streamline the mundane process of milk collection to more efficient and time-saving process. We can render almost every dairy process be it dairy automation or process re-engineering.

Challenges of Dairy Industry

  • Low literacy level with very less exposure to computer at village level.
  • Improper data management.
  • Lack of real time information of milk collected at the end of every shift.
  • Improper Accounting and Audit.
  • Possibility of altering the farmer’s milk quality and quality at society’s level.
  • No real time milk collection data available for Dairies.
  • Due to incidents of Frauds, Farmers opting to supply milk to private players.
  • Dairies dependent on milk collection centres for the necessary data.
  • Lack of control over societies.
  • Lack of essential data of Farmers with Dairies.

Prompt Softech contribution towards Dairy Industry:

  • Exposure of modern technology to villages and societies to make whole process of milk collection simple and efficient.
  • Real time milk collection data available for milk collection centres and Dairies.
  • Essential data of farmers available and accessible by Dairies.
  • Monitoring for societies performance of individual as well as multiple societies possible.
  • Dairies can plan and schedule production targets on the basis of milk collection data from different societies.
  • Direct payment to Sabhasad’s bank account. Saves lot of time, money and risk.
  • Maintenance of data and transactions of farmers at society level.
  • Reduces possibility malpractice of data alteration at society level.
  • Generation of MIS, Reports and Graphical charts possible to analyse the performance.
  • Proper Accounting records and Audit.

Products Offered

Co-operative society found transparency with new technology

Kolkata is known for its cultural festivals, great colonial architecture and sweets. Variety of sweets can be found in each and every streets of Kolkata. However, lately various cases & incidents of milk adulteration started surfacing catching media attention & questioning the purity of milk provided by co-operative societies and dairies.

AMCS was designed to automate the entire process of milk collection efficient, transparent and less time consuming.


Centrally managed live data tracking solution improved the process of milk collection

Porbandar based co-operative society has farmers coming to submit milk from several nearby villages. All things being done well. There were several missing factor and information which affects the overall system of milk collection. There were several issues which was needed to be solved such as no data of Milk collection available at plant level, data manipulation in the shift data, falling quality of collected milk & Dissatisfaction from the farmers and consumers.


Tank weighing system brings tranquility even during power cuts

Chandigarh is a land blessed with fertility. It has been acknowledged as one of the cities of Punjab which has highest per capita milk availability. However, numerous electricity power cuts trim down the quality of milk. Chandigarh based milk co-operative society was significantly suffering from the issue of maintaining condition and quality of milk. They decided to approach industry veteran Prompt Softech for solution.


Monitoring milk condition in Bulk Milk Cooler from remote location made possible

Varanasi based co-operative were losing their milk quality though they were collecting milk with good fat from the villages. Problem such as early milk spoilage, sour milk, contaminated milk were noticed at irregular intervals. Prompt Softech provided a unique solution for their problem.