Display Unit has been developed to relay important messages and information to the farmers. Our motive is to bring more transparency and develop strong bond of trust between the Dairy unions and farmers. It is a medium through which dairy unions directly communicate with the farmers.

It can be installed in milk collection centers and all the information relayed is managed from the central server by Dairy Unions. Each unit has unique id which is associated with respective co-operative society which assures that information is relayed in desired units only. Predefined milk rate or any other information can be configured for automatic display on particular date.

Our product has been programmed in such a manner that the information or rates of milk can’t be altered onsite to avoid any malpractice and can only be changed from the central server only. One of the benefits of this product that it always keep milk rates in synchronization with rates from Dairy Unions.

Our product can relay short messages in three patterns : Hold , Flash & Scroll. It can also be programmed to change the sequence and pattern of information which has to be displayed. Display is connected to central sever through GPRS or Ethernet using Prompt Milkpro Analytic Client Utility. Connectivity with central server ensures

It can show various information such as

  • Society Name
  • Month and Year
  • Buffalo KiloFAT Rate
  • Cow per Liter Rate for defined FAT
  • Buffalo per Liter Rate for defined FAT
  • Dan Rate
  • Cow KiloFAT Rate,etc.