The Animal Heat Detection System plays a crucial role as it enables timely detection for insemination. The timeframe from the onset of cow heat to the moment of her insemination lasts for as little as 8 to 16 hours. Precise heat detection is difficult, which is why farmers end up losing out on timely breeding. Along with ensuring timely breeding, the farmer is also notified in case of any deviation or emergency. The Animal Heat Detection System consists of the following equipment:

Animal Wise Data Recording

It helps farmers improve the breed.
prevents in-breeding. promotes data driven animal trading. medication based on animals’ health history, preventive healthcare practices, and monitors the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of cattle.

Ration Balancing Program

Healthy cow produces healthy milk.
With inbuilt Ration Balance Calculator the farmer will be able to trace exact feed requirement of each animal and prevent over or underfeeding of animal. With the optimal nutrition. cost of medication can be reduced.

Alerts on your fingertips

Real- time actionable alerts of all upcoming life cycle events helps farmer to take action on-time that reduces inter-calving period, that leads to healthy herd and profitable

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Key Features

The cattle management app is available in multiple languages based on different regions..

Incorporates recording milk quantity periodically, collect Milk Fat and SNF records..

The animal husbandry software includes breeding & lactation reports, vaccine notifications,..

A detailed program that suggests feed requirements for different animals on the farm, and..

The dairy management software provides a brief report on daily income and expense incurred..

Farmers and service persons can raise any query related to the cattle and the..

Alerts notifying about any event in the lifecycle of a particular animal are sent..

These alerts provide a summarized information for total milk collection,..

The doctors are informed about the animals regularly via notifications so the doctors..

Not all the dairy farm management application users are granted access to all..

The location of a service person can be tracked while he is recording data..

The animal husbandry application does not require a persistent internet connection to run..

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