Farmer App is a modern and digital solution specially developed for farmers to let them manage their dairy business. The app displays Milk Fat & SNF, milk quantity, passbook details, a summary of bank transactions, and analytics & reports among others.

Reduced Inquiries

Farmers App provides a comprehensive solution to the farmers, hence, there has been a downfall in the number of inquiries encountered by the societies.

Payment Prediction

Farmers can predict the amount of payment in advance based on their milk data for the current month as displayed by the app.

Statistical Comparison

Statistics are available in the app that enables comparison of milk collection in the current month as compared to previous month or year.

Monitor Quality & Quantity

Data are recorded real-time and accurately that helps a farmer keep track of milk quality and improvise milk production.

Chart analysis

A milk collection chart appears in the app that depicts the milk quantity and amount versus the date of the month on which the milk was collected.

Improved Transparency

The app automatically records farmers’ real-time milk data and bank transaction records, thereby, notifying them in the case of manual modifications.

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Features That Matter

Check out what you can do with this Farmers App!

Profile Page

A window displaying the farmer’s detailed profile comprising of personal information like his
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The window displays the milk rate and collection of the past two days segregated based on
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Milk Trends

It gives a detailed and a broader view of the milk collection and gained profit in the past few
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User Menu

An elegant and easy-to-follow user menu that leads you to diversified options offered
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This window enables the farmer to receive alert messages
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The farmer app maintains the farmer’s overall monetary balance account information
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Milk Balance Account

This window shows a full summary of the farmer’s transactions including amount
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Overall Milk Data Sheet

The window views overall data pertaining to total milk collection, remuneration of the
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Monthly Records

Shows per day record of that month comprising of date, milk quantity, fat content
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Filter By Date

The window allows the user to view the milk collection on any particular date.
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Detailed Milk Slip

The slip contains information like Animal Code & type, shift time Milk quantity, Fat Content, date
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The app provides various settings options to the farmer for better and easy communication.
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