Local Item Sales Milk Collection DPU is a product has been designed with a vision to provide cost effective solutions to Milk Collection centers and Co-operatives societies which have large no. of farmers. This DPU enables the basic functionality of milk collection system.

One of the key feature of this DPU is that it can be integrated with many devices such as weighing Scale, fat Machine,external printer, milk analyser, etc. It can perform the basic functionality of any AMCS but isn’t a full fledged AMCS itself . It acts as a supplementary device which captures data of milk collection from various devices and transfers it to Automatic Milk Collection System.

Apart from milk collection, it offer basic functionality of retail which is sales of milk and other items locally. This DPU incorporates in-built keyboard and Display for easy operation and making it cost effective. In-built clock ensures exact time of transactions executed. This DPU has been designed to work with Prompt Automatic Milk Collection Sytem only & to benefit our customers.