Mobile Order App is a modern and digital solution developed to manage dairy and other product supply business. The app lends the ability to track and manage orders, product delivery, agent crates, agent balance, and view broadcasts for news & events.

Reduced Inquiries

The app provides a comprehensive solution to the customers (agents/distributors) which has substantially reduced the number of inquiries encountered by the business owner (supplier).

Payment Prediction

The customers (agents/distributors) can predict the amount of payment in advance based on their order data for the current shift as displayed by the app.

Monitor Quality & Quantity

The app records data accurately and in real-time that helps customers (agents/distributors) keep track of orders and improvise supply chain, billing, and payments.

Improved Transparency

The app automatically records customers’ (agents/distributors) real-time order data and crate transaction records, thereby, notifying them in the case of manual modifications.


The app provides a unique Agent Code and Password to all the users for authentication purpose while logging into the system. The feature makes the system secure.

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Features That Matter

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Profile Page

Profile Page is a window that displays the customers’ (agents/distributors) profile comprising..
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The app authenticates a user based on his/her Agent Code and password, and if the ...
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User Menu

An elegant and easy-to-follow user menu that leads you to diversified options offered...
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News & Alerts

This window enables the customers (agents/distributors) to receive news & alert..
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The customers (agents/distributors) receive SMS upon order delivery confirmed..
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Place Order

The customers (agents/distributors) can provide quantity against the specific item in the..
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Copy Order

The customers (agents/distributors) can copy existing order and place it on modification if needed.
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Return Order

The customers (agents/distributors) can return whole or a part of the order by selecting a reason..
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Previous Order

The Mobile Order App allows the customers (agents/distributors) to view the list..
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Previous Return Order

The Mobile Order App lets the customers (agents/distributors) view the history..
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Confirm Order

The app customers (agents/distributors) can confirm the order delivery upon..
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Crate Management

The system automatically keeps track of all the purchases (place/copy order), return order..
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