Prompt Check Weighing is a brilliant solution for measuring weight of sample product or article.It has been designed for industries were production is done in volumes. Our product can be utilised in many industries like FMCG, Engineering and other manufacturing organisations.

Maintaining the weight of the product has been a key issue to the manufacturers. Samples are required to be measured at certain interval which represents whole production lot or batch. If product weighs below mentioned/required weight standard, then it raises quality and reliability issues of the product. In the similar fashion, if product weighs over the required weight standard then its pure loss for the organisation.

Prompt Check Weighing system has been developed to address this issue. Our product can provide highly accurate weight data and securely stores it into the system. With our unique three colours real-time notification/ alert system, manufacturing companies can make adequate changes in production line to get more accurate weight of the product as per set standards.

Helps to guarantee accuracy in weight
Checks product giveaways
Ensures that error does not occur
Eliminates unreliability and handwritten records
Easy and Time saving
Analyzes production status
Displays real time production statistics

Technical Specification

Processor 16 bits microcontroller based checkweigher
Weighing range As per attached weighing scale
Throughput Settable from 200 millisecond to any time through software
Accuracy As per attached weighing scale
Indication Tower light or LCD
External Interface / Connectivity
  • RS232 interface to connect weighing scale
  • RS232 interface to connect label printer
  • TCP/IP interface to connect with computer or server
Environment Operative temperature: 0 to 50 Degree Celsius (32 to 122 F)
Relative humidity: 5% to 85% RH non condensing
Power Supply 180-260 Volts, 50 HZ
Power Consumption 2.5 Watts without tower light
Dimension (L x B x H) 22.5 x 20.5 X 12.0 (cm)

An Automatic Weight Checking Solution for Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry is changing its face day by day. Any entity in dairy industry whether it is co-operative societies, milk unions or dairy plants are now adopting new technologies. Dairy deals in number of products and each product manufactured are in numbers of lakhs. Anand based milk dairy plant was facing some issue related to weight fluctuations.