Raw Milk Receiving Dock Automation System (RMRD) is a fully automatic system which comprises of computer system, Dock weighing scale, Milk Analyzer with Ultrasonic stirrer and RMRD software. To measure the quantity of milk Bowl type hanging weighing scale is used.

Raw Milk Receiving Dock Automation System has been designed to benefit dairy plants, dairy farms and milk product manufacturers as on these entities milk is procured in bulk quantities from various village, co-operative society and district level milk collection centre.

RMRD has been developed with sole purpose of streamlining the dock operations and to develop transparency between societies and dairies. Our system allows recording of various transaction and generate receipt against which payment is done to respective societies.

Bona fide feature of our system is 100 % accurate results while performing repeated test of the same sample. Our system can sample 120 samples in 1 hour making it very economical compared to FAT analysing machine. We have also added functionality of data transfer using modem or other utilities.

Shift wise Milk Collection Report
Daily Shift Wise Milk Collection Report shows cows, buffalos milk analysis [ litre, fat, price etc]
Member Account and Collection Register
Receipt for Milk, Ghee, Animal Feeds
Monthly Collection Report
Shift wise, member name / number wise Register
Payment Register for Milk
Dividend Register
Bonus Report as per Percentage
Share Holder Register
Yearly Work Development Report
Ledger, balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Report
  • Customer Slip
  • Collection Report ( Daily/weekly/Monthly)
  • Payment Register
  • Depreciation report
  • Import Data from DPU.
  • Rate Settings for Farmers
  • Export and Import Data to Other Format
  • Daily Backup


  • Client can export data to any database. Client has to specify database in which it want to export data.
  • Data can be transfer into any format directly from Report Preview like HTML, Excel, Word, RTF, Dos Text, Text File, etc.