Retail industry in India is growing at exponential rate becoming one of the biggest segment of the overall industries. It has attracted various major players both domestic and MNCs to invest into the retail sector with different strategies and ideas.

The idea of shopping has gone under metamorphosis changing the format and consumer buying behaviour. Modern retailing can observed in the form of bustling shopping centres, multi-storied malls and the huge complexes that offer shopping, entertainment and food all under one roof. Thus it becomes essential for this industry to automate themselves to pace up with the speed of rising competition and delighting their hard earned customer with surety to retain them.

Prompt Softech has pioneering solution to optimise retail processes according to business requirements enabling them to proficiently handle their customers.

Prompt has always valued the retail and packaging industry & has come up with solutions which not only speed up the process but increase the efficiency and accuracy of business process to be performed.

Prompt Softech contribution to Retail Industry

  • Use of wireless connectivity and light weight hardware to get easily adjusted in every retail environment.
  • Automated retail process by cutting series of steps and minimize human intervention
  • Fast and Efficient system for best outcomes in less time
  • User friendly operation that is easy to understand, learn and operate
  • Multi-level and interactive reporting for better control and growth of the business

Prompt Softech contribution to Packaging Industry

  • Unique product which can measure both weight and volume simultaneously.
  • Fast and accurarte measurements
  • Systems which are efficient and user friendly
  • Product sampling made easy
  • Helps in minimizing business loss
  • Multi-level and interactive reporting for better control and growth of the business


Products Offered

 For Retail Sector :

For Packaging Sector :

Smartec helped franchise business to implement different schemes and rate changes uniformly across the outlets

Some franchise business owner want to have a system that will facilitate uniform scheme announcement across the outlet and wanted to be sure that all the outlets give benefits to the customer without skipping or cheating any offerings. They wanted all control of outlet in their hands from where that can make changes in the prices or schemes when they want.


Restaurant owner found new bliss with Pengiun

Ahmedabad is a city where people love to eat and most of the restaurants are full on Saturdays and Sundays. Long waiting lines and queues can be spotted outside nearly every good restaurant. However, a restaurant owner thought to change this scenario and with the help of a product from an IT company from the same city & completely turned the situation into his benefit.


An Automatic Weight Checking Solution for Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry is changing its face day by day. Any entity in dairy industry whether it is co-operative societies, milk unions or dairy plants are now adopting new technologies. Dairy deals in number of products and each product manufactured are in numbers of lakhs. Anand based milk dairy plant was facing some issue related to weight fluctuations.