Dairy Industry goes through complex process of collection of raw milk from village level milk collection to en route chilling centres to dairy plants who are equipped with large processing units. In the process various valuable data and information is lost or manipulated to gain unfair benefit.

We acknowledged this issue and developed a revolutionary product “SANKALAN” to control discrepancies and other malpractices. With our product we have made possible the live monitoring of complete process of milk collection even from remotest location.

Sankalan has the functionality to reflect real time data of milk collected at village and society level. Data or parameters collected at milk collection justify can be shared and compared with data collected at chilling centres to detect any traces of adulteration or change in volume might have taken place en route.

With Sankalan, centralized messages can be delivered to different farmers, milk collection justify, etc. Various Analytical reports can be generated from our system and enables to track the performance of all collection centers and strategically control the centers. We have integrated Sankalan to various ERPs to generate detailed MIS reports, graphs and charts that helps to manage and control milk procurement efficiently.


Real time Acquisition, Monitoring and Control of Milk Procurement Data at Village / Society / BMC / MCC levels
Monitors fraud and Records all additions, deletions, alterations made to the Milk data
Publishes Live Milk Rates online to all locations from a Central Station
Provides complete data of Farmers, Society members, Agents to the Dairy
Monitors daily performance of Societies, Villages, BMC & MCC locations
Provides SMS and E-mail alerts on milk collection data, important events and frauds
Generates MIS Reports with graphs, charts and alerts, to monitor performance at all milk procurement levels and compare milk collection data
Milk collection data can be integrated with internal SAP/ERP portals
System operates on a VPN / MPLS platform on a 2G network
Can operate without the Internet and data can be transferred through a pen drive




Client Application

  • Front End: Windows service
  • Back End: MS Access
  • USB Internet device.

Server Application

  • Web Application can be used from any Web Browser.
  • Front End:, AJAX
  • Back End: SQL Server Standard or Oracle

Sankalan helped societies to eradicate contractor milk dumping

Patna based co-operative society was experiencing issues of uneven milk collection, some entries were shocking as the farmer having 5 cattle were dumping 5 times more milk than their capacity. Soon co-operative society realized something is not right.


Centrally managed live data tracking solution improved the process of milk collection

Porbandar based co-operative society has farmers coming to submit milk from several nearby villages. All things being done well. There were several missing factor and information which affects the overall system of milk collection.
There were several issues which was needed to be solved such as no data of Milk collection available at plant level, data manipulation in the shift data, falling quality of collected milk &
Dissatisfaction from the farmers and consumers.