Smatec point of sale (Smartec POS) is a smart combination of web based software and retail data box. This product is designed to cater franchise business. As franchise business requires to continuously monitor all the transactions, we provide that monitoring tool which can monitor any remotely located retail outlet giving complete control over franchise business.

Retail data box acts as a primary device handling retail activities while Software acts as governing tool accessing all the transaction and reports. Our product is connected through web-servers via inbuilt GSM module.

Retail data box are stationed over retail outlets. It can function as standalone unit working both in online and offline mode. Smartec software is installed at Head office for monitoring purpose.


Software plays a key role in connecting Head Office and Retail outlets. It provides access to important business data like purchase, sales, cash, inventory, etc. All data are exchanged through secured servers, protecting it from reaching wrong hands.

Our software grants absolute control over all or specific retail data box installed at remotest location. Change in retail price of particular product is possible from the Head office itself. It completely eradicates the requirement to personally visit to retail outlet to make changes in point of sale equipment.

We have incorporated a unique feature of auto notification which notifies every time the inventory of a particular product goes below minimum stock level. So that your retail outlets never run short of products and optimising your organisation’s profit.

Retail Data Box

Retail data box is one stop solution for billing, printing, inventory maintenance, etc. This product has been designed to address retail specific business solution. Its compact design and inbuilt thermal printer makes it a most viable solution for Point of Sale system.

An inbuilt screen acts as medium for Graphical User Interface (GUI) reducing the overall cost by replacing the need of installing whole computer or monitor itself.

Retail data box can act as a standalone system and can work both in offline and online mode.

All the information and data are stored in a much secured manner. Shop owners can place purchase order from the retail data box itself making supply chain process fast.

DataBox is very compact, rugged and portable.
Efficient replacement of big space consuming computers
In-built battery provided, so can work in power cuts.
Easy connectivity of devices like barcode scanner
Real time data transfer
Manage user and user roles
Track customer, sales, stock, etc.
Easy price and scheme updates
Multiple Reports

Smart solution for franchise distribution management

Franchise business is spreading its wings majestically over our country to most of populated areas. Many MNCs and domestic organisations are opting for franchise model to reduce cost and improve business operations.
However, this was not the case for Delhi based organisation. Rather it was becoming headache for the organisation to plan its production & distribution channel.


Smartec brings uniformity in retail outlets at different location

Delhi based retail chain group wanted to have a system that will facilitate uniform scheme announcement across the outlet and wanted to be sure that all the outlets give benefits to the customers. Major challenges they facing were unable to manage outlets at different location, no track of scheme fulfilment at the outlets and rate issues at the time of price change.