Prompt Vegetable Merchant Management System (VMS) was designed to cater business need of vegetable and fruit merchants. The idea behind this product is to computerize all the process and making the business profitable and efficient for the vegetable and fruit merchants.

Our product can acts as a point of sale (POS) system and can perform various transactions such as purchase, sales, and maintaining daybook and generate different statements and reports. It has been designed in a manner which makes it simple and easy to use. Execution of purchase, sales and other transactions automatically results into entry in respective accounting ledgers.


  • Maintenance of Bank Book  in VMS
  • Fast and accurate calculation
  • Get help at every stage
  • Post the expenses voucher on weekly basis
  • Voucher no. will automatically generated
  • Deprecation register will be prepared
  • Prepares Group wise Balance sheet
  • Merging of two different ledgers
  • Customer & Farmer customized bill printing
  • Receivable &  Payable registers

IT solutions transforming regular vegetable merchants into next generation merchants

Vegetable merchants buy fruits and vegetable from the farmer and sell the same from their shops in the market. As there are too many transactions it was very tedious to keep all the records intact and if they forget to record even a single data then they were having issues in account balancing. Their process includes the purchase-sale transactions, maintain daybook, printing the farmer slips, generating the different reports & statements. These merchants has to waste 4 to 5 hours daily due to manual work process. Prompt made innovative software that was easy to use yet very versatile. This software not only made their work streamlined but also helped them to save a lot of time and efforts