Weight and Volume Measurement Scanner is the result of innovative and out of box thinking.This product has been designed to service the needs of companies indulged in logistics business. Weight and Volume are two key business parameters which drives the logistics industry.

Our product can precisely measure weight of any article by analysing its height and width. High grade laser beam technology plays prime role along with measurement calculation formula which together provide highly accurate data.

Our product constantly delivers highly accurate weight and volume measurements making it easier for logistic companies to plan storage and means of transportation. Precise volumetric and weight information helps logistic company to charge tariff more accurately.

It comes with built-in printer along with RS232 or Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface
data capture time of just 3 seconds
User friendly interface that is easy to understand and use
Zero error for fast and accurate results

Logistic company wins customers with better service charges

Vadodra based logistic company were seeking solution to enhance their business. Even though they have robust logistics management system, they were not doing business as per their expectations. After R&D at various points, it was observed that their service charges were not streamlined.


Weight & Volume Measurement Scanner proves to be a boon for a courier company

Online shopping & E-commerce site are becoming new buzz for shopping. Many people have now started opting for online shopping due to their hectic life style & job commitments. These e-commerce business are significantly dependent on courier companies for delivery of ordered goods.
Courier companies has the task of delivering goods or products on time. It was becoming very essential for them to increase their efficiency and quality of services. Optimal utilisation of resources was becoming essentiality of the business. Handling logistics was one of the crucial issues among them.