Bmc Smartbox

The Most Valuable System Link In The Chain Of Milk Management

The BMC SmartBox maintains the purity of the milk during chilling and storage phase, through real-time monitoring of parameters such as Milk Volume, Temperature, CIP status, Agitator on/off status and Power/Generator on/off status in the BMC. Real-time App-assisted alerts are sent out which support timely actions to maintain the purity of milk.

Makes BMC operationally efficient

Real-time alerts, tracking and monitoring makes BMC operationally efficient. It helps the dairy in controlling the operational costs associated with running the BMC with the help of BMC SmartBox.

Informed decision making

BMC SmartBox is based on IoT technology with cloud connectivity, giving detailed data analytics on web application. This allows the dairy to make informed business decisions.

Quality of Milk is retained

With continual monitoring, the desired temperature of milk in the BMC is maintained, which prevents  souring and spoiling of milk, thus preserving proper milk quality. Good quality of milk serves as a good raw-material for value added products manufactured by dairy


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Product Highlights

Real-time monitoring and remote tracking

BMC capacities – 500/1000/ 3000/5000/10000 litres

Designated Mobile App for dairy plant managers and BMC operators for real time monitoring.

Sends alerts via SMS, Mobile App, and Email

Multiple compressor and generator/power on/off status

Measures Quantity, Temperature, Agitator - for mixing, Compressor, CIP – cleaning in process


Key Features

  • Data Capture
  • Security
  • Data Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Data Transfer
  • Dispatch
  • Cleaning in Process (CIP)
  • Shift Close
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