According to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), raw milk is required to be stored at 4°C or below to prevent the growth of bacteria in the milk. Major village and district level collection center face problem of maintaining temperature due to lack of monitoring technology.

BMC Smart Box was designed to monitor Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) and keeps track of various parameters such as Quantity, Temperature, Generator status, Agitator status and Compressor status. Our system simultaneously monitors all the parameters and send data to server in certain interval to prevent degrading of milk quality.

Components incorporated in our product are of high grade both in terms of quality and technology making us leader of this segment.

How it Works

We interface with other devices like agitator, compressor, generator, etc., and set the parameters to monitor in our system. Any deviation observed by our system will send alert to the server through its GSM connectivity. To measure the milk quantity in the tank we use highly advanced laser beam technology to attain highest level of accuracy.


  • Helps you to maintain milk quality
  • Real time Weight & Volume tracking
  • Instant Alerts on any malfunction
  • Detailed Reports for better analysis
  • Portable, yet simple to operate
  • Super Concrete Data Security with AES-256 Encryption

Monitoring milk condition in Bulk Milk Cooler from remote location made possible

Varanasi based co-operative were losing their milk quality though they were collecting milk with good fat from the villages. Problem such as early milk spoilage, sour milk, contaminated milk were noticed at irregular intervals. Prompt Softech provided a unique solution for their problem.


Tank weighing system brings tranquility even during power cuts

Chandigarh is a land blessed with fertility. It has been acknowledged as one of the cities of Punjab which has highest per capita milk availability. However, numerous electricity power cuts trim down the quality of milk.
Chandigarh based milk co-operative society was significantly suffering from the issue of maintaining condition and quality of milk. They decided to approach industry veteran Prompt Softech for solution.