Fat’omatic – Milk fat testing machine

A Patented Product (Patent Number – 205094)

India’s First Fully Automatic & Indigenous Milk Fat Measuring Machine, Since 1999.

The Fat’omatic is a patented fully automatic milk fat testing machine that is fast, accurate, economical, and measures 250-280 samples an hour. Fat’omatic ensures that the quality of the milk is uncompromised in a high throughput environment. Our unique offering, the milk fat testing machine has a tamper-proof design and LED display. Over 50,000+ machines have already been installed all over India. Fat’omatic milk fat measuring machine is also available with cloud connectivity which offers online secured calibration

Automated operations

It is an easy-to-use device that doesn’t require the user to put in a lot of effort to get acquainted with its setup, cleaning process and operation.

Online secured calibration

Cloud connectivity with secured calibration allows recording of calibration data, machine cleaning data, machine on-off data and milk sample data. This data helps in gathering insights about milk collection.

Eliminates human error

Since the Fat’omatic is a fully automated fat measuring machine, it reduces any scope of error due to manual intervention.


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Product Highlights

Comes with auto-zero facility, proven measurement principle

Excels in quality, accuracy, consistency and repeatability

Tamper-proof & secured calibration through cloud (optional)

Being a 100% indigenous product, we have a strong service and support network across India


Key Features

  • Fast and accurate
  • Sensor-based motorised operation
  • The machine comes without manual handle
  • Battery mains – Automatic changeover (AC-DC)
  • Inbuilt battery charger
  • Operates across wide range of operating voltage
  • Uses single curve calibration
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Unique motor and gear design
  • Minimal sampling

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