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Farm365-Dairy Farm Management App

The Complete Solution For Dairy Farm Management

The Farm365 dairy farm management App is a farmer’s companion in efficiently managing his cattle herd. One of the key aspects of getting good milk is keeping the cattle healthy. The farmer receives regular scientific advice and real-time actionable alerts to improve cattle feeding, cattle breeding and cattle health, resulting in increased yield. The Farm365 dairy farm management app not only helps the farmer keep the cattle healthy but also ensures high profitability.

Animal Wise Data Recording

It helps farmers improve the breed,prevents in-breeding, promotes data driven animal trading, medication based on animals’ health history, preventive healthcare practices, and monitors the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of cattle.

Ration Balancing Program

Healthy cattle produces healthy milk.
With inbuilt Ration Balance Calculator the farmer will be able to trace exact feed requirement of each animal and prevent over or underfeeding of animal. With the optimal nutrition, cost of medication can be reduced.

Alerts on your fingertips

Real-time actionable alerts of all upcoming life cycle events helps farmer to take action on-time that reduces inter-calving period, which in turn leads to healthy herd and profitable farm.


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Product Highlights

Manages data of AI, PD, medical health checkup, vaccination and calving of cattle

Maintains animal breeding, feeding and lactation records

Provides awareness and education regarding important life cycle events of cattle and general information about scientific farm management practices

Sends real-time actionable alerts to the farmers about cattle life cycle events

Records historical data which helps to monitor milk productivity and efficiency of cattle

Inbuilt Ration Balance Calculator to ensure actual nutrition requirements of each animal


Key Features

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Animal lifecycle event alerts 
  • Individual cattle milk recording 
  • Health treatment and vaccination recording
  • Service request module with health and breeding services 
  • Alerts to Service Providers, Veterinarian and Farmers
  • Financial analysis
  • Offline/Online data recording
  • API Integration possible

Frequently asked questions about Farm 365

Farm 365 is a dairy farm management app, a complete solution for dairy farm management.

This is a farm management software application accompanied by a web portal, featuring multiple modules catering to different user roles including farmers, AI workers, doctors, supervisors, and administrators.

Regional language support like Hindi , English , Gujarati , Marathi Other. Milk data recording in every cattle. Managed by animal life cycle events. Alert sent to you and Doctors such as breeding event, vaccination , medical, milking . offline data recording .Financial analysis report. vaccination recording.Ration

The software enables the recording of data specific to individual animals, issuing alerts as needed, and generating detailed analysis reports tailored to each animal. These reports include metrics such as per liter cost, feed expenses, lactation duration, and days in milk, providing valuable insights for efficient animal management.

No Limits

The primary distinction lies in our ration balancing program coupled with the feature of Q&A sessions with our team of expert doctors. Additionally, our app offers seamless functionality in offline mode, setting it apart from the competition.

No. Same app can be used.

The web portal provides comprehensive access to detailed data for each animal, spanning from its birth to its current status on the farm.





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