iSmart Milk Analyzer

A Patented Product (Patent Number – 266880)

India’s First Smart And Indigenous Milk Testing Equipment

The Indiz Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer measures and records milk fat, SNF, added water and milk density. This milk testing equipment has inbuilt features like power-on-self-test, ‘App assisted’ online central calibration and ensures accuracy of readings. The system ensures transparency and optimum earnings to farmer and dairy.

Transparency & fair payments to farmers

Due to online central calibration, farmers can be assured that the machine displays accurate milk parameters and is free from any adjustments due to manual intervention. No differences in FAT/ SNF reading at the dairy and Milk Collection Centre leads to optimal pay-out to the farmer, increases transparency and ensures the desired quality of milk.


Real-time information on Cloud

All the historical data logs such as FAT, SNF, self-cleaning data, calibration data, etc, are maintained online on the cloud which can be accessed real-time. Various analytics can also be done using the data which provides actionable insights and helps in making informed business decisions.

Preventive Health Check-up

Milk Analyzer would start operations only after it passes through critical self-tests. This ensures regular cleaning of machines, reduced downtime cost and accurate operation of the machine.


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Product Highlights

Measures milk Fat, SNF, added water
and milk density


Preventive maintenance through Bluetooth-enabled Mobile application

Measuring time 30/40 seconds depending upon the model


Being a 100% indigenous product,
we offer service support across India

Analyzer available in Stainless
Steel/ABS Body

Online central calibration


Key Features

  • Fast and accurate result
  • Robust and easy to operate
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Equipment operates only when critical self-tests are
    passed leading to reduced downtime cost
  • Durable in all-weather conditions
  • Better repeatability and accuracy
  • One-touch analysis
  • Detailed Equipment Parameter Analytics available
    through online data to provide predictive maintenance
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