Prompt SmartBox

A Valuable Link In The Chain Of Milk Management

Prompt SmartBox monitors the purity of the milk during chilling and storage phase, through real-time monitoring of parameters such as Milk Volume, Temperature, CIP status, Agitator on/off status and Power/Generator on/off status in the bulk milk cooler. Real-time App-assisted alerts are sent out which support timely actions to maintain the purity of milk.

Makes bulk milk cooler operationally efficient

Prompt SmartBox helps the dairy control operational costs, and provides real-time alerts, tracking, and monitoring, making bulk milk cooler operationally efficient.

Informed decision making

Prompt SmartBox is based on IoT technology with cloud connectivity, giving detailed data analytics on web application. This allows the dairy to make informed business decisions.

Quality of milk is retained

With continual monitoring, the desired temperature of milk in the bulk milk cooler is maintained, which prevents souring and spoiling of milk, thus preserving proper milk quality. Good quality of milk serves as a good raw-material for value added products manufactured by dairy.


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Product Highlights

Real-time monitoring and remote tracking

Supports bulk milk cooler of any capacity

Designated Mobile App for dairy plant managers and bulk milk cooler operators for real time monitoring.

Sends alerts via SMS, Mobile App, and Email

Monitors status of multiple compressor, generator and power on/off

Measures Quantity, Temperature, Agitator, Compressor and CIP


Key Features

  • Data Capture
  • Security
  • Data Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Data Transfer
  • Dispatch
  • Cleaning in Process (CIP)

Frequently asked questions about Milk Analyzer

It is an IOT based, milk monitoring box, installed in collection centers.

Advantages include quality monitoring of temperature and cleaning, elimination of malpractices, transparency, and the ability to plan tanker routes. All data can be monitored remotely, including chilling costs, to increase efficiency. Alerts can be received via app, email, or SMS, and access is available through desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Additionally, business intelligence (BI) can be performed, ensuring security with encrypted data. Integration with Milkoscreen and Milk Analyzer is possible, allowing for two-way communication between the central server and the BMC.

Key features include tracking, monitoring, and analyzing milk quantity, temperature, generator, compressor, agitator, power, and CIP status, all updated every 10 seconds. The system offers role-based user login for secure access. It generates TruckSheet and facilitates trend analysis of the Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC). Furthermore, it enables comparative analysis of BMC ratings based on location, capacity, and vendor. The system ensures accuracy within a margin of +3mm.

The system generates reports on various aspects including CIP (Cleaning in Place), Usage, Dispatch, Shift Completion, High Temperature incidents, Gain Report, and Adulteration.

Yes we can install this Smart Box in plant to monitor milk temp, Quantity, Agitator, Power status on real time.

Smart Box has SD Card to store data.

We detect using algorithms on the server.

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