Prompt Sanchay

3 in 1 compact digital solution for milk collection

Prompt Sanchay revolutionizes milk collection with its integrated stirrer and thermal printer, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every step. Its robust build and user-friendly interface makes it the ideal choice for collecting milk from cows, buffaloes, and mixed sources. The in-built stirrer guarantees homogeneity, maintaining the quality of the milk, while the thermal printer enables instant documentation of collection records. Seamlessly integrating with the Prompt mobile application, Prompt Sanchay provides real-time monitoring and management, empowering farmers with accurate data for informed decision-making.

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Key Features

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Measures and records milk fat, SNF, added water, and milk density (protein, lactose & salt - optional)

High repeatability of milk testing results

Measuring time 40 sec

One touch analysis

Easily accessible spare parts

Single curve calibration

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