TankAssure – Automatic Milk Sampling System

Prompt TankAssure

Automatic Milk Sampling System with RFID and GPS technology

Accurate data of the milk quantity and quality collected by milk tankers from various milk collection points on different routes, is an essential piece of information in the milk value chain. Even minor deviations from the expected milk quantity and quality may hinder effectiveness and profitability of the entire chain of milk collection process.
Prompt has leveraged the RFID and GPS technology, and developed a solution for automatic milk sampling – TankAssure. TankAssure is a closed, containerized and digitally password protected system which consists of 6+1 / 14+1 sampling pumps, and RFID tagged tamper-proof sample vials. It comes in the form of a box which is mounted on the milk tanker, and functions to automatically collect BMC milk samples, record milk quantity (through magnetic flow meter) and milk temperature (through in-built temperature sensor).

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Key Features

The entire system is electronically locked (password protected) and can be opened only at the dairy plant through authorized persons only with mobile app.

Prompt Logistics App and /or Prompt AMCS software can be integrated in this system for route management.

The entire operation is controlled by a web-based application system operated through Tablet device. The data can be transferred to the central system at the dairy for further analysis & evaluation.


The bottles and frame are mounted in an insulated enclosure to ensure that the temperature of the milk sample collected is maintained and it does not deteriorate before it reaches the main dairy.

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The RFID tag on the bottle stores the location and milk collection details, at the milk collection point, from where the sample has been collected. This data can be read only at the main dairy through RFID reader.



Transparency: The system will show the quantity of milk transferred in the tanker and temperature of milk at the DCS location in real-time – bringing transparency between collection point and Dairy.

Reduction in Sampling Error: As sampling is done automatically, the chances of sampling error are greatly reduced and accuracy of samples is ensured.

Composite Milk Sampling: The system also does automatic sampling of composite milk sample collected from all milk collection points.

Profitability of Dairy: With accuracy in sampling and quantity of milk, the overall effectiveness and profitability of Dairy shall increase.

Minimize Manual Intervention: The data is automatically recorded, hence there is no need to enter data manually, thereby reducing the chances of human error.

Ease of Data Management: The system automatically and digitally records the data which is stored directly in the server.

Farmer Assurance: Due to Auto sampling, milk samples are secured, so farmer and Milk Union can feel assured about getting correct payment for their milk poured.


Frequently asked questions about Prompt TankAssure

Prompt TankAssure is an Automatic Milk Sampler System for Milk Tankers that uses RFID and GPS technology to automatically collect milk samples from various collection points and measure milk quantity and temperature transferred in the Tanker.

Prompt TankAssure is an electro-mechanical, intelligent box mounted on the rear side of a milk tanker. It has seven/Fifteen sampling pumps and RFID-tagged tamper-proof sample vials. The system automatically collects milk samples at milk collection points, measures milk quantity and temperature with the help of an in-built magnetic flow meter with temperature sensor, and also prepares a composite milk sample of all milk collection points.

The purpose of Prompt TankAssure is to enable secured and automatic sampling of milk from various collection points and to measure milk quantity and temperature. This helps to ensure the quality and safety of milk during transportation and processing.

Yes, Prompt TankAssure can prepare a composite milk sample of all milk collection points.

Yes, Prompt TankAssure is a closed, containerized and digitally password-protected system. The electronically protected door can only be opened at the dairy plant by authorized persons.

Prompt TankAssure uses Flowmeter, RFID and GPS technology for automatic sampling and measurement of milk quantity and temperature.

Yes, Prompt TankAssure can be integrated with Prompt Logistics App and/or Prompt AMCS App for route management.

The benefit of using Prompt TankAssure is that it helps to ensure the quality and safety of milk during transportation and processing by enabling automatic sampling and measurement of milk quantity and temperature.

The data collected by Prompt TankAssure is stored on the PLC and can be transferred to a central system at the dairy for further analysis and evaluation.

Yes, Prompt TankAssure transfers data to the Central web portal through Wi-Fi.

The purpose of the GPS technology used by Prompt TankAssure is to detect/ensure the machine starts/stops operations at targeted locations only.

Prompt TankAssure is specifically designed for milk sampling, but it may be possible to adapt the system for other liquids with similar properties.

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