Mobile app based digital ear tag reader

BovTag makes the hectic process of animal identification simpler and efficient. It captures the image of the existing ear tag of the animal and extracts a unique identification number on it. It records the date, time and geo-location from where the data is captured to ensure its authenticity. India’s first and only mobile app-based reader (filed for patent) allows the integration of the unique identification number with farm management software to extract details of the animal, making the process of collecting and recording data as smooth as possible.

Accurate and error-free
reading of ear tag

Makes cattle
identification easy, effective &

Enabled with geo-tagging ensures authenticity of
the captured data

Affordable solution which does not require
expensive tag reading devices


Download Technical Specification & Brochure


Key Features

  • Built on auto learning algorithms
    and advanced image
    processing technologies
  • Reading of tag in less than
    10 seconds
  • Works in both online and
    offline modes
  • It can read ear tags of any size, colour and font, even if
    they are scratched, covered with hair, mud or dirt
  • Reading of tag is possible
    from a distance of 1.2 metres
    (4-feet) using the mobile
    phone built-in zoom camera
  • Detailed information about the date, time, and geo-location is recorded from where the data is captured
  • The tag can be read even in low
    lighting, varied camera angle and
    disturbed tag alignment

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