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Automatic Milk Collection System

The Automatic Milk Collection Software (AMCS) is a comprehensive, multi-platform solution which digitizes the entire milk collection system. All the data is uploaded on the cloud, which provides real-time information of milk collection to the stakeholders. Automatic Milk Collection System enables transparency between dairy, milk collection centres and farmers.

Real-Time Data Management & Analytics

The portal generates various alerts for actionable insights and reports, which enables informed decision making to ensure profitability, quality of milk and transparency in the system.

Improves Transparency

The milk collection software captures milk quantity, Fat and SNF, in real-time and automatically calculates amount payable to the farmer as per rate chart stored by the dairy. Any error due to manual capturing of data is eliminated. This enhances transparency between farmer, milk collection centre and dairy regarding the quantity and quality of milk.

Cashless Payments

The total amount being paid to farmer is directly deposited in the bank account of the farmer through automatic milk collection software. It also increases farmer loyalty towards milk societies.

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Product Highlights

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The automatic milk collection system captures exact quantity, fat and SNF of milk in real-time and automatically calculates payment of the farmer which enhances transparency.

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The milk collection software provides direct benefits to milk producers through Cashless Payments as their bank accounts are directly linked to milk society.

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Farmers can rely on services provided by the cashless milk societies, which boosts their association and increases satisfaction.

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Milk societies can collect more milk in less time due to the milk collection software as the milk fat and SNF are calculated automatically, speeding up the milk collection process.

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Data management is reliable and efficient as bank transactions are accurately maintained due to direct payment.

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Farmers receive instant notifications by the automatic milk collection system whenever payment is credited to their accounts, which helps them keep track of their milk business.


Key Features

  • Farmer App, VDCS App and MU App to support stakeholders
  • Ensures fast and accurate milk collection data
  • Interoperability with any make of Milk Analyser,
    Weighing scale and Printer
  • Multiple rate charts can be uploaded: fat-wise, SNF-wise and shift-wise
  • Real-time actionable SMS, email alerts and notifications
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Can be integrated with platforms like
  • Data storage on Micro SD
    Card with back-up provisions
  • DC power/Solar power based system
  • Real-time monitoring, instant analysis,
    and advanced reports
  • Being a 100% indigenous product,
    service support is available across India

Frequently asked questions about Automatic Milk Collection System

The AMCU / DPMCU unit is equipped with various components that measure the quantity and quality of milk. Farmers bring their milk to the collection point, and the unit automatically measures, records, and sometimes even analyzes the milk. The data is then stored and real time trasfer through 4G GSM modem to central server. these data can be used for various purposes such as payment calculations, quality control, and addtion and dedution.

Benefits include increased efficiency in milk collection, reduced chances of human error, accurate measurement of milk quantity and quality, real-time data recording, and improved transparency in payment processes.

Data collected by the AMCU / DPMCU is typically stored in secure databases. Access controls, encryption, and other security measures are implemented to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

The AMCU / DPMCU typically analyzes key parameters such as fat, SNF, protein and other content. This data helps in ensuring the quality of the collected milk, and any deviations from set standards can be flagged for further investigation.

Yes, most units are designed to be user-friendly. Farmers can easily bring their milk to the collection point, and the automated process takes care of measurement and recording. User interfaces are often simple and intuitive.

Absolutely. The data collected by the AMCU / DPMCU can be used for farm management purposes such as monitoring milk production, analyzing trends, and making informed decisions to optimize farming practices.

Yes, we prompt provide technical support and assistance. This may include training , troubleshooting guidance, and regular maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the unit.

The key components of an AMCU / DPMCU include thermal printer, milk weighing scales, milk analyzers, digital display, and communication interfaces (4G GSM Modem) for real-time data transfer.

AMCU / DPMCU uses precise weighing scales and milk analyzers to ensure accurate measurement of both quantity and quality. These instruments are calibrated regular interval to maintain accuracy.

Yes, AMCU / DPMCU systems are designed to handle milk from multiple farmers simultaneously. Each farmer is usually identified through a unique code, and the system can keep track of individual contributions.

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