Automatic Milk Collection System

Prompt AMCS (Automatic Milk Collection System) is a genius solution to automate the entire milk collection process making it efficient, transparent and less time consuming.Our system incorporates complete solution right from capturing weight, measuring Fat & SNF level and can automatically check the type of milk (Cow milk or Buffalo milk).Based on the parameters collected, it calculates rates, saves transaction record and prints the detail of transaction. Managing database of Farmers is part of the system functionality enabling easy payment to the Farmers.

Our system is available in three variants based on the budget and the volume of milk

  • Computer Based (Smart/Full)
  • Data Processing Unit Based (Micro Controller)
  • Data Processing Unit Based (Micro Processor)

Computer based (Smart/Full)

Computer based AMCS improves day-to-day activities at milk collection centers by automating the entire process of milk collection. Our system can collect and store all the information in an organised manner making it easy for the user. Our system can be customized and collect essential data such as weight, FAT, SNF, details of member etc.

Apart from basic functionality of milk collection, it can generate analytical reports like purchase register, shift wise local sales report, payment register, inventory report. Accounting functionality has been also incorporated in the system to manage financial records and reports such as cash book, profit & loss, balance sheet and many more.

Data Processor Based (MicroController Based/ Micro-Processor Based)


Data Processing Unit (DPU) were developed with an objective to benefit the small and medium level milk collection centres. Our systems are equipped with in-built battery to avoid data loss and are operational even during power cuts.

Our DPUs can store and display various information such as weight, FAT & SNF, amount payable, etc. An additional display can be installed to simultaneously display the details of milk collection to the farmer making it transparent and reliable system.

With in-built thermal printer, all the data collected and amount payable can be printed. Reports such as daily milk purchase, payment register can be obtained easily.

Dairy milk collection is tedious task when you think of the large quantity of milk collection from farmers. Many milk collection centers are using milk dairy software and automatic milk collection unit embedded with dairy milk software for the transparent and efficient work. Those milk collection units which have the automatic milk collection systems get the trust of the farmers as they can calculate accurate milk quantity, milk grade and pay as per that.

Milk dairy management software plays vital role in milk dairy management system; as management of entire dairy system is key to success of dairy operations.

In the operation cycle, Once milk collection is done; Milk Procurement process has another very important aspect of management, that can be easily managed by efficient dairy software having inbuilt procurement software.

For every dairy plant, success of procurement operation is depends on milk procurement system design and its built, entire dairy management system depends on cycle of automatic milk collection unit, milk procurement process, milk procurement software and dairy software. It is also important to improve the software and system with time as per the growth of the industry. Here at Prompt Softech we have most innovative and intellect software for the dairy industry. You can contact us for demo of free download milk dairy software.

Co-operative society found transparency with new technology

Kolkata is known for its cultural festivals, great colonial architecture and sweets. Variety of sweets can be found in each and every streets of Kolkata. However, lately various cases & incidents of milk adulteration started surfacing catching media attention & questioning the purity of milk provided by co-operative societies and dairies.

Big Question: How to bring more transparency to the milk collection process?

AMCS was designed to automate the entire process of milk collection efficient, transparent and less time consuming.