Newly Launched

Prompt Easyline

Indigenous and economical milking parlour

Milking your bovine is now quick and hassle-free

Presenting Easyline Milking Parlour with a standing herringbone structure,
designed to facilitate faster and easier milking for animal.
This solution enhances udder health and ensures greater comfort for the cows
and for labourers during the milking process. By prioritizing both farmer
profitability and animal well-being, this technology not only elevates Indian 
dairy farming to international standards but also streamlines processes, saving valuable time for farmers.


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Why Choose Prompt Easyline?

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Robust galvanised structure for strong life

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Saves time, energy, labour cost and is easy to use

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High precision and long-life of vacuum regulator

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Less stress and udder hygiene for a happy bovine

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Reduce time taken for milking session resulting in higher productivity

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Choose from 5X2 & 6X2 configurations for herds of upto 250 bovines

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Adaptable to all sizes of bovines ensuring versatility for the farmer

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Premium quality of clusters and liners used to ensure cattle comfort

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