A revolutionary instant milk chiller that chills milk at source.

The MilkoChill an instant milk chiller is a patented technology that brings the benefits of instant milk chilling right at the doorsteps of a farmer. The system provides for instant chilling of milk even under erratic power supply to ensure the quality of milk is retained at the source and bacterial growth is arrested. Instant milk chilling system ensures the purity of the milk is preserved at the farmer doorstep to provide a better return to the farmer. Our innovative and affordable instant milk chiller makes it possible to chill milk at source – thereby reducing spoilage, retaining quality, increasing shelf life and hence increasing farmers income. MilkoChill can chill 160 and 250 litres of milk instantly.

Instant Milk Chilling based on Unique Thermodynamic design

Application of patented evaporator & multi utility heat pump licensed from IIT, Mumbai.

Hot water generation

Additionally, up to 100 LPD of hot water, at 60°C, is produced as a by-product from heat recovery which can be used for equipment cleaning-in-place (CIP) and cattle sanitation.

Low energy consumption

The patented technology helps the system to operate much more efficiently compared to conventional systems.


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Product Highlights

Instantly Chills 250 Litres in one hour

Low energy consumption (<1000W)

Generates 100 Litres of hot water (@ 60°C)


Key Features

  • Economical with a good ROI
  • Easy to operate and low maintenance cost
  • Scalable and compact
  • Reduces spoilage and improves shelf life
  • Facilitates milk quality management and increases farmer income
  • Generates hot water as a bonus from heat recovery
  • Can be connected with grid power or solar power
  • Online Data Monitoring provides real time data
  • Improves MBRT
  • Highly suitable for desert, hilly and remote area where only ‘milk can’ routes are possible
  • Milk souring can be eliminated

How our Instant Milk Chilling Machine Works

Frequently asked questions about Prompt MilkoChill

This product Instantly Chills Milk at source. Instant chilling at source is required to arrest the bacterial growth and hence increase the shelf life of milk

Its simple to operate. You pour milk from the top and you get chilled milk which can be collected in cans. Conventional compressor based technology with a Thermal Storage mechanism (Thermal Bank), which does not require electrity at the time of pouring. as compared to BMC. Simultaneously the heat recovery unit is available - 50 Litres in morning and 50 ltrs. in the evening hot water. This can work on normal electricity as well as Solar. Use pattern of this machine - Charge the machine the previous night for early morning usage and charge the machine in the afternoon for evening usage

80 and 250 Litres per day

400 KGs


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