Milk Procurement Software

The Milk Procurement System (MPS) is a custom solution that manages all the tasks associated with distributed milk collection and milk procurement. There are three ways to collect milk with this application which are through Contractors, Society and PI/Member.

Real-Time Milk Data Management & Analytics Reports.


Transparency of milk amount between farmers and milk societies.


Ease in operation for MCCs as quantity and quality data capturing enables payment.



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Product Highlights

The milk procurement software is an entirely network-based design to provide multi-user environment.

Multi-tasking, GUI and easy-to-understand user application.

Nationalized locales used in database and application design to provide the multilingual interface. The software implements six different languages: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu and Kannada.

The software allows you to create multiple users and grants them module level access to protect the data from various threats.

The database is designed using all possible normalization forms. The system is designed to be compact and efficient to accommodate the large volume of data occupying minimal storage with 0% redundancy.

The software is bundled with the customized middleware setup to bridge computer with any electronic device and communicate through the software.

The software performs implicit automation during the transactions. This means the software creates automatic accounting entries for the milk collection transactions into Daybook as well as respective Account ledgers.

Multiple reports related to milk dispatch and account can be exported to Excel sheet. Other available reports include Milk Purchase Registers, Milk Payment Reports, Profit & Loss, Stock, and Election reports, etc.

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