Prompt Milkolite Combo

Milk analyzer + stirrer

Prompt Milkolite Combo, is an indigenous milk testing machine that combines stirring
and analyzing milk parameters such as Fat, SNF, added water, and milk density
accurately.  Prompt Milkolite Combo ultrasonic milk analyzer is extremely dependable
and can be trusted highly for accurate readings of milk parameters.
The built-in stirrer stirs the milk sample and helps remove air bubbles from it to provide
accurate readings. The combined milk testing machine is robust, easy to operate,
and useful for analyzing cow, buffalo, and mixed milk.

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Key Features

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Measures and records milk fat, SNF, added water, and milk density (protein, lactose & salt - optional)

High repeatability of milk testing results

Measuring time 40 sec

One touch analysis

Easily accessible spare parts

Single curve calibration

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