Milk Saathi App

Digital Diary for dairy farmers

The Milk Saathi App is a modern-day digital solution specially built for farmers to let them seamlessly deal with their day-to-day dairy business. The app shows precise details of Milk fat, SNF, milk quantity, along with farmer’s account details comprising passbook information, a summary of bank transactions, and reports to help dairy farmers with their daily activities.

Farmers have access to their own data enabling them to evaluate their payment and profitability based on quality and quantity of milk

Their number of enquiries to the milk collection centre reduces

Improves transparency between farmers, milk collection centres and dairy


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Key Features

A window showcases the farmer’s detailed profile with personal details such as farmer name, member id, address & contact details along with Bank, VDCS, and Union information.

The other window showcases the milk rate and collection details for the past 2 days split up based on animal category (cow or buffalo) and precise shift time. The milk trends are represented in a statistical chart over the last 2 months, which helps in business planning.

It offers a comprehensive view of the milk collection and earned profits in the previous months of the chosen financial year. It is helpful for a detailed analysis of fluctuating prices of milk every month.

It offers an inclusive summary of the bank transactions, which comprises funds credited & debited to the farmer’s account, details with respected dates, and milk description with the entire remuneration account balance.

It provides data related to inclusive milk collected, billing of the milk collection, the overall milk rate, and milk collection across the month. It offers a quick analysis of total milk collection and explicit profits in the chosen financial year.

It provides details of per day record of a particular month, including milk quantity, the overall fat contents, and milk rate per litre with earnings by selling the milk can be obtained. This detailed evaluation leads to the analysis of milk collection on a monthly basis.

An elegant and easy-to-follow user menu that leads you to diversified options offered by the app like Dashboard, Notifications, Passbook, Report, Milk Slip, Settings, About Us, User Manual, etc.

A professional and simple-to-follow user menu provides diverse options offered by the application. This includes a detailed dashboard, passbook details section, milk reports, milk slips, settings, about us, user manual, and access to timely notifications.

The farmer receives alerts and notifications when an entry is made, or changes are made in the milk data, sustaining highly personalized and private account details.

The application maintains the monetary balance of the farmer with account insights that comprise advance account balance, products account balance, details of saving account, and information of remuneration account balance.

The slip comprises details related to Animal Code & type, Milk quantity as per shift time, average Fat Content, milk collection date & time, and farmer’s payment information. With all these insights, a daily record is sustained right in the app

The app offers different settings preferences to the farmer for enhanced and straightforward interactions. These preferences comprise the use of specific language, precise registering of the device, and authentication of the user account.

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