MilkEasy Milking Machine

Designed For Efficiency And Performance

The MilkEasy Milking Machine helps eliminate the contamination that usually happens in the traditional milking process, thereby achieving the minimum bacterial count. Also, the machine milks the animals gently, which avoids any risk of injury to them.

Limits bacterial growth 

The milking machine requires no human touch and thus ensures the purity of the milk by restricting bacterial growth.

Designed to ensure animal comfort and cleaning

The conventional milking process often ends up being harsh on animals, which isn’t the case with the milking machine.

Much faster than milking by hand

The fully automatic milking machine is very efficient and results in much faster and hassle-free milking.


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Product Highlights

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The machine is automatic and fast; it can manage a large herd in less time while ensuring milk quality and also yield more milk than in traditional milking.

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Milking machine is enclosed and sealed; it doesn’t permit any contamination of hay, dust, bacteria/pathogens, manure flakes and hair that stick to hands while hand milking cows.

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With the automatic milking machine, you can save money as just a few workers will be required to milk the cows instead of employing at least a dozen that is required for manual milking.

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The machine can milk by itself allowing you more time to multitask and focus on performing other dairy farm operations.


Key Features

  • Portable trolley with heavy-duty wheels
  • Built to withstand tough conditions
  • Easily operated by one person
  • The milk tube is transparent, easy to clean, and of food-grade, non-toxic quality
  • Smooth locking to prevent injury to cattle
  • Stainless steel bucket of 25-30 liters
  • Direct coupling of electric motor with vacuum pump, offering highest level of safety
  • Low noise to avoid any discomfort to the cattle
  • Durable and long working life of machine
  • Clusters and liners of premium quality are used to ensure the comfort of cattle
  • Available in trolley and fix type

Frequently asked questions about MilkEasy Milking Machine

A milking machine is a mechanical device used in dairy farming to extract milk from cows, buffaloes or other lactating animals. It automates the milking process, reducing the labor required and improving efficiency.

Yes, milking machines are safe and comfortable for cow when used correctly. It is important to properly set up and adjust the machine, ensure clean and functioning equipment, and follow recommended milking practices to minimize any potential risks or discomfort to the animals.

The use of a milking machine offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Milking machines can milk multiple animals simultaneously, significantly reducing the time and labor required for the milking process.
  • Improved milk quality: Milking machines are designed to maintain hygienic conditions during milking, reducing the risk of contamination and improving milk quality.
  • Gentle and consistent milking: Milking machines apply a gentle and consistent suction, ensuring the comfort and well-being of the animals while optimizing milk extraction.

Yes, milking machines are designed with the safety and comfort of the animals in mind. The vacuum level and pulsation rate are carefully controlled to ensure gentle and non-harmful milking. Using milking machines properly and following recommended milking protocols is important to ensure animal welfare.

Milking machines can be purchased from agricultural equipment suppliers, milking machine manufacturers, or authorized distributors. It is recommended to research reputable suppliers, consult with experts, and compare different options to find a milking machine that meets your specific requirements.

The system is farmer-friendly, ensuring ease of use for dairy farmers, while also promoting animal well-being by providing a comfortable milking experience. It facilitates uniform milking practices and prioritizes hygiene and udder health to maintain the overall health and productivity of the herd.

The milking machine operates gently to minimize the risk of injury to the animals, ensuring their comfort and well-being during the milking process.

The machine is designed for Low noise working which avoids any discomfort to cattle.

The main components primarily consist of a vacuum pump, cluster, pulsator, and liner.

Significantly faster than manual milking, the system can handle milking tasks for 10 to 12 cattle per hour, adhering to established standards.

7-8 yrs

The system offers both single bucket single cluster and double bucket double cluster configurations, available in fixed and trolley types to suit various operational needs.

25 Lts stainless steel

The liners are constructed from food-grade nylon rubber, while the clusters are made from polycarbonate, ensuring compliance with food safety standards.

Following milking, a standardized cleaning procedure is implemented to maintain hygiene standards.

 One year.

With a Milkrite Liner lifespan ranging from 2000 to 2500 milkings per cow, milking 5 to 6 cows daily would result in a liner life of approximately 1 year. Hence, we recommend replacing the liner annually to ensure optimal performance and hygiene standards.

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