Digital Frozen Semen Thawing Machine

Prompt THAWEASY is an innovative digital solution designed to standardise and streamline the semen thawing process during artificial insemination. It is Bluetooth-enabled and integrates with a mobile app that collects real-time temperature data and geo-location information during thawing, allowing for an easy and accurate semen thawing process adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs). This device offers customisable temperature control settings, providing versatility for handling multiple semen samples.

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Product Highlights

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Efficient Semen Thawing Process

It streamlines and standardises the semen thawing process during artificial insemination. It also minimises human errors during thawing, enhancing overall operational efficiency and therefore conception rate.

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Versatile Sample Compatibility

It has customisable time-temperature settings thereby allowing compatibility with different types of semen samples that require different time periods for proper thawing.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

It is a Bluetooth-enabled device that seamlessly syncs with a mobile app for real-time monitoring. It enables easy access to temperature data and geo-location information, ensuring optimal control during the thawing process.

Accurate Adherence to SOPs

It facilitates adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for semen thawing and ensures consistent and accurate thawing, maintaining the highest quality standards in artificial insemination practices.

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Data-Driven Corrective Actions:

It generates reports that pinpoint instances of non-compliance with SOPs during semen thawing and enables informed decision-making by allowing stakeholders to take targeted corrective actions and improve adherence to standard protocols.


Key Features

  • High-precision sensors
  • Real-time data access for decision-making
  • Durable, lightweight, and portable for versatile use
  • Inbuilt battery for easy field operation even in case of
    power constraints
  • Unique logic and vibrator for gradual water heating
  • Digital display for precise interpretation
  • Operating temperature range: -5°C to 50°C
  • Semen thawing in 30 to 120 seconds
  • Portability and weather resistance


  • Enhances conception rates, reduced inter-calving intervals, and optimized breeding efficiency
  • Enhanced data analytics report emphasizing areas, villages, or specific users requiring improvement
  • THAWEASY incorporates digital systems which ensures that correct thawing SOP is followed, and it can be monitored remotely
  • Ensures proper implementation of AI process on ground level – increases reliability of AI programs, reduces cost of AI programs
  • Enables efficient monitoring of SOP implementation for large service providers (cooperative dairy, NGO, Govt. Organization)

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