About Prompt Dairy Tech

Prompt Equipments combines the right mix of business intelligence and digital innovation
to elevate the global standing of Indian Dairy Industry.

20 + products In Dairy Supply Chain

We have designed and developed diverse dairy software applications, products and devices specifically to serve the different stages of the dairy supply chain.

30,000 + Installations So Far

Our clients recognize and consider us for our genuine and useful dairy equipment which are widely spread and used heftily across a number of villages.

200 + Field Engineers

We have a team of knowledgeable and competently trained service engineers onboard to support milk software installations and resolve the queries of our customers.

150 + Employees In R&D

Our team of adept and cognizant professionals conduct an extensive research and development to build quality milk collection software and services we deliver.

Best in Industry

Our milk procurement software and products are the amalgamation of avant-garde technologies and comprehensive development tools built for a better tomorrow.


A dairy milk software application to automate milk collection and procurement processes at dairy co-ops.

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Farmers App

An android application that you get a real-time visibility into your milk data.

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A machine to precisely measure Fat proportion in milk with repeatability for same values.

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Solution We Are Proud of

When it’s dairy, it’s more about animals. We absolutely love those cows on farms and take it as our due responsibility to nurture them.

Farm 365 Animal Husbandry Software:

The project incorporates a huge database of animal information and a gamut of functionalities that can be performed on the same. The features incorporate managing animal information, milk recording, breeding & lactation reports, vaccine & breeding notifications, calf rearing program details, income & expense reports, weight changes, etc. among others. And all data is managed through a cloud designated specifically for this purpose which makes this application highly efficient, reliable and easy to manage.

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