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The Impact of Temperature on Milk Quality: Challenges Faced During Summer

Milk quality is a crucial factor in manufacturing dairy products like ice cream, UHT milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc., and temperature plays a paramount role in …

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Dairy farming success story

From Corporate to Cattle Management: Shrikant’s Visionary Approach to Dairy Farming

Embarking on a journey that combines tradition with innovation, Shrikant, once an IT engineer, chose to forge a new path. In 2017, he ventured into …

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From Farm-To-Table

From Farm To Table: The Journey of Milk in India

The stellar role of Operation Flood since its launch played an integral part in making India the largest producer of milk globally, with a remarkable …

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Artificial Insemination: Traditional Vs Digital

Insemination or artificial insemination (AI) is a process through which semen containing living progressive motile sperm from a male animal is deliberately introduced into the …

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Importance of Early Pregnancy Detection in Bovine

Importance of Early Pregnancy Detection in Bovine Bovine animals are precious to humans. Be it the farmers or the modern urban consumers- bovine health is …

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Revolutionizing Indian Dairy Industry with AI-Powered Crate Management System

The Indian dairy industry is one of the largest in the world, contributing a quarter of global milk production. It is a crucial industry that …

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