Dairy farming success story

From Corporate to Cattle Management: Shrikant’s Visionary Approach to Dairy Farming

Embarking on a journey that combines tradition with innovation, Shrikant, once an IT engineer, chose to forge a new path. In 2017, he ventured into the dairy farming domain, starting with just four Gir cows, fully committing himself to this new endeavor. Nestled in the tranquil village of Adalaj near Ahmedabad, his story serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all of the potential within us to pursue our dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem at first glance.

Shrikant took a unique approach when entering into the dairy industry. Instead of opting for high-yield breeds like Buffaloes or Holstein-Friesians (HF), which typically produce more milk, he chose indigenous Gir cows. Despite Gir cows yielding less milk on average around 8-10 liters per day compared to Holstein-Friesians (HF) cows, 30-35 liters, Shrikant recognized the exceptional quality of A2 milk they produce. This choice laid the foundation for his company’s success.

Moreover, Gir cows offer more than just milk. Their dung is incredibly profitable, serving various purposes beyond just fertilization. Gir cows are tough and can handle tough situations well. They are recognized for their ability to withstand stress and combat diseases prevalent in tropical regions.

Today, Shrikant’s enterprise GauNeeti thrives with over a hundred Gir cows. GauNeeti, under Shrikant’s visionary leadership, has flourished into a multifaceted entity, offering a diverse array of products that bear the hallmark of unparalleled freshness and excellence. From A2 milk to ghee, paneer to vermicompost, and even incense sticks, each creation emanates a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, reflecting Shrikant’s unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity.

Shrikant’s transition from corporate life to the pastures was daunting, but his IT background and unwavering determination propelled him forward. He believed in blending tradition with technology, making it the cornerstone of his journey.

In Shrikant’s world, every morning and evening isn’t just about milking cows, it is a meticulous analysis of each drop of milk. With Prompt iSmart Milk Analyzer, Shrikant revolutionizes his farm’s operations. Prompt iSmart Milk Analyzer helps him analyze the quality of milk accurately, measuring parameters such as Fat, SNF, added water, and density. This information enables Shrikant to adjust the diet of his cattle with care, ensuring their well-being in every season. With this knowledge, he can make informed decisions that cater to each cow’s needs, ultimately enhancing their milk production and fostering overall health and happiness among his herd.

But his search didn’t stop there. Prompt’s Anieasy a Bovine pregnancy detection kit has been instrumental in enhancing Shrikant’s breeding program. By detecting pregnancies in cattle just 28 days post-artificial insemination, this solution not only boasted a staggering 98% accuracy rate but also slashed calving intervals, saving precious resources and bolstering the bottom line.

Today, Shrikant’s dairy farm stands as a ray of success, an example of the potential that lies within each of us to choose our path, defy conventions, and embrace change. Through the strategic adoption of Prompt’s innovative solutions, Shrikant not only navigated the hurdles of dairy farming but thrived in a dynamic environment. With Prompt’s assistance in precise milk analysis and easy pregnancy detection, Shrikant’s journey is enriched, empowering him to make informed decisions and optimize his operations.

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