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Prompt understands the challenges of the dairy industry and offers innovative solutions to manage them. Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficient and easy measures to streamline the Indian dairy industry.

Through cloud-enabled dairy equipment, Prompt ensures transparency and tractability throughout the dairy supply chain, from digitising milk collection to quality analysis, making farming operations more profitable. With a dedicated team, nationwide presence and a network of 50+ dealers, we are committed to the pursuit of purity.

Why Choose Prompt?

With over 30 years of experience, Prompt is a leading dairy tech company that provides
innovative solutions with the aim to revolutionise the dairy supply chain.

As a dealer, you can benefit from:

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Diverse Product Range

We offer 20+ innovative solutions, out of which 8 are patented, in the dairy supply chain, that cater to a wide range of needs and requirements, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your customers.
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Cutting-Edge Equipment

State-of-the-art products that are cloud-based, hence allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.
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Nationwide Service Network

Our extensive network of 250+ service engineers throughout India provides reliable and quick support to you and your customers.
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Convenient Customer Support

Avail support effortlessly through mobile app-based complaint system. With just a few clicks, you can connect with our support team and resolve issues quickly.
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Accessible Spare Parts

Easily obtainable spare parts for seamless repairs and maintenance so that you can provide timely service to your customers.

Product Highlights

Farm Management Solutions

Milking machine for Prompt Dairy Tech

Prompt Milkeasy Milking Machine

An automated milking machine that limits contamination, ensures animal comfort and fastens the process.
BreedEasy AI Gun for Prompt Dairy Tech

Prompt Breedeasy

A digital AI gun that enhances artificial insemination accuracy and conception rates.
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Prompt BovEasy

An advanced PAG-based rapid test for reliable and accurate cow and buffalo pregnancy detection in just 20 minutes.
Thaweasy Lite

Prompt Thaweasy Lite

Prompt THAWEASY is designed to standardise and streamline the semen-thawing process during artificial insemination.

Milk Collection Solutions

iSmart milk analyzer for DPMCU

Prompt iSmart Milk Analyzer

A milk testing machine that measures and records milk fat, SNF, milk density and added water through secured cloud calibration.

Prompt DPMCU

An automated milk collection system that measures, bills, and securely stores data for transparent transactions between dairy, collection centers and farmers.
A phone with the interface of Prompt and a smart cloud

Prompt Milk Sangrah App

An Android-based application that captures data, sends SMS notifications and prints receipts through Easy5 Printer.
Prompt Milkolite

Prompt Milkolite

Prompt Milkolite Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer is a fully indigenous and economical product that provides accurate readings of milk parameters such as FAT, SNF, added water, and milk density (protein, lactose, and salt – optional).
Prompt milkolite combo

Prompt Milkolite Combo

Prompt Milkolite Combo, is an indigenous milk testing machine that combines stirring and analyzing milk parameters such as Fat, SNF, added water, and milk density accurately.

Prompt Sanchay

Prompt Sanchay revolutionizes milk collection with its integrated stirrer and thermal printer, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every step. Its robust build and user-friendly interface makes it the ideal choice for collecting milk from cows, buffaloes, and mixed sources.

A Nationwide Service Network

We are available in even the remotest corners of the nation, and
our presence in 28 states and 350+ districts ensures our every customer comes back to us
for all dairy tech solutions. Join us as a dealer and be a part of our vast network of success.

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