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Artificial Insemination: Traditional Vs Digital

Insemination or artificial insemination (AI) is a process through which semen containing living progressive motile sperm from a male animal is deliberately introduced into the cervix of a female animal so that successful pregnancy can be induced. This process involves in-vivo fertilisation. 

There are different processes of artificial insemination; the process chosen mainly depends on the farmers’/ cattle breeders’ or AI Technicians’ experience and knowledge. But popular blind processes have often been found to cause severe physiological hazards in the animal concerned, including wrong time & site of AI, damage to the cervix and/or uterus, infliction of genital infections,  infertility/repeat breeding, even abortion in early pregnant animals, if not ascertained properly before AI, and poor conception rate, etc.

So, to ensure safe and proper insemination, it is better to use equipment that comes with visual confirmation and data-driven insights. This way, the conception rate becomes higher, and farm profitability also increases.

However, it raises the debate about which process is more reliable and effective- traditional or digital insemination. There’s no denying the fact that traditional methods have many challenges. The digitalisation of the process involves using a cow insemination gun with a camera that makes the operation smoother while ensuring accuracy

Understanding Artificial Insemination

Both cattle and buffalo are artificially inseminated using cryopreserved semen. For successful insemination, the frozen-thawed semen needs to be pushed into the cervix or uterine body of the female animal in oestrus 8 to 12 hours before ovulation, i.e. at the end of behavioural oestrus or in other words,  18-24 hours after the onset/start of standing oestrus. However, there is no need for AI more than once a day unless the oestrus duration is extended for more than 24 hours in cases with ovulatory problems.

Which methods are used for Traditional AI?

Traditional AI methods include-

  • Recto Vaginal Method involves loading a sterilised AI gun with the semen and passing it through the vagina and cervix. The inseminator holds the cervix by inserting his/her gloved hand inside the animal’s rectum and does the blind AI.
  • Speculum Method involves placing the speculum in the cow’s vagina so that the inseminating tube can have enough space to pass through.  Here, the semen is usually deposited at the external os/opening of the cervix, not in the cervix or body of the uterus, thus reducing the conception rate.
  • In the Vaginal (also called Man-O-Cervical) Method, the inseminator passes his/her gloved, lubricated hand through the vagina and places the inseminating tube at the site through digital manipulation of the external os of the cervix. Normally used in equine only.

What are the challenges of traditional AI methods?

  • These methods do not give any visual confirmation of successful insemination. Human subjectivity does not ensure accuracy.
  • The absence of data-driven insights lowers the conception rate. This, in turn, increases farmers’ expenses making it a cost-intensive process.
  • The recto-vaginal method increases the chances of ascending vaginal infection for contamination of the tip of the AI gun while inserting through the soiled vulvar opening with dung in the cow/buffalo.
  • Risks of genital infections and sexual diseases from untested male animals are always there in natural breeding. Traditional AI methods also poorly involve data about cattle fitness and their health.

What is Digital Artificial Insemination?

With the advancement of science and technology, AI methods have also gone through technical gradation. Cow insemination gun with a camera is increasingly used to ensure accuracy regarding insemination. The technique involves a long gun barrel for insertion into the cow’s reproductive tract.

A camera is positioned inside the front channel. So the inseminator can have a visual update as to where the gun is placed. Also, there is no risk of soiling as the camera is well-protected. The camera’s cord is linked to computers or mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. The farmer, breeder or inseminator can record the process and ensure correct diagnosis and accurate AI.

Prompt has introduced BreedEasy, a digital, artificial insemination gun – a new-age technology solution that promises a higher success rate of inseminations in bovine animals while not harming them physiologically. 

BreedEasy Digital AI Kit- A Revolution in Bovine Pregnancy Technology

What is in the kit?

The BreedEasy digital AI kit from Prompt includes the following items:

  • Digital AI gun
  • Endoscopic probe
  • Liquid paraffin
  • Sanitizer
  • Plastic wrap roll
  • Mobile stand

What are the key features of BreedEasy?

  • The digital AI procedure is simple to carry out, giving flawless outcomes.
  • The cow AI gun with a camera allows better visibility of the vagina and cervix with its LED illumination and adjustable brightness.
  • Android mobile application connectivity ensures trouble-free accessibility.
  • The BreedEasy kit is lightweight; hence, anyone can carry it anywhere.
  • The AI gun is made of SS316 steel, i.e., medical-grade steel. This material makes it safe and durable.
  • The recordings can be coordinated with other Prompt services like Farm365 App, making the breeding process automatic and untouched by hand.

How does BreedEasy work so accurately?

The AI operator using BreedEasy can view the cow’s vaginal tract and cervix on the screen as the gun comes with a 5MP camera lens giving 640*480 resolution. So, the image is highly stable. The digital AI gun is capable of performing intra-uterine procedures. With the visual data and recording, the operator knows for sure whether the semen has reached the cervix or uterus. Thus, the insemination procedure is accurate.

Technical features of BreedEasy

  1. HD-quality visual record with enhanced clarity: The 5MP camera lens delivering 640*480 resolutions gives HD images and video recordings. The photos are stored in JPEG format.
  2. Wide-angle view: Better view capturing ability with 180° wide angle, 120°, and 360° rotation angles allows better procedure control. High image stability is another USP.
  3. Easy connectivity: The BreedEasy device comes with USB 2.0 and type-C power supply connectivity. The performance is thus more efficient and seamless.

Key Advantages of BreedEasy Digital AI Gun

Visual data: The reproductive duct, cervix, etc., are visible to the inseminator and the farmer or breeder. Easy visualisation helps in understanding the accuracy of the process and ensures farmer satisfaction.

Improved conception rate: As the device ensures accurate semen deposition in animals with healthy mucus discharge, the AI conception rate for pregnancy is also improved.

Physiological observation: During the AI procedure, the cow insemination gun with a camera allows for observing the cervical discharge. Thus the process is more efficient and thoroughly carried out.

Time-saving: BreedEasy follows a technology-driven approach. Thus, it saves time.

Other diagnoses: With a visual record of the insides, one can identify if the animal has any vaginal or cervical abnormality. If there is, the farmer or breeder can take care of it accordingly. This again saves time and expense.

Affordability: BreedEasy veterinary digital AI gun price is affordable, and considering its integral benefits, costs are lower than traditional methods. Surety of insemination saves money and time.

To Wrap Up

Traditional and digital AI methods differ significantly. Prompt works with the aim of maintaining the “Sanctity of Milk” so that it reaches the population untouched and unadulterated. The first step to that is safe and sound insemination. Manufacturing and launching BreedEasy is a step toward that. Spot-on accuracy paired with the affordable digital AI gun price, Prompt BreedEasy is the wisest choice you can make.


Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional AI methods do not ensure successful insemination at all times. Digital AI methods using guns and cameras are more guaranteed in this respect.

Though BreedEasy is an easy-to-operate device, we recommend consulting with professionals and veterinarians regarding proper techniques. Or else the health and safety of the animal might be jeopardised. 

Factors to keep in mind include:

  • Length of the gun
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of handling 
  • Quality of semen straws
  • Hygienic practices such as sanitizing the syringes
  • Type or species of animal to be impregnated

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