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Why timely heat detection and insemination in cattle is important to improve profits

As a dairy farmer, when you are looking to increase your profits, one of the most important factors is the efficient reproductive performance of your dairy herd. This can only be achieved when you have proper heat detection and artificial insemination mechanism in place. One of the biggest factors contributing to low fertility among dairy herds is the lack of efficient heat detection mechanism.

Current challenges in the Indian dairy industry

Research studies over the years have proven that a significant amount of heats among dairy herd remain undetected. Every single heat that gets missed is equal to 21 days of loss in production. The problem gets compounded further when the cattle that are presented for insemination do not show any signs of heat. These problems directly result in a financial loss for dairy farmers as the calving intervals get extended along with additional costs for semen.

Through an efficient heat detection system, you can identify the dairy herd when they are in heat, the best time for insemination, and getting the resources ready to inseminate them. Indian dairy farmers have always witnessed problems related to heat detection in the dairy herd due to increased animal productivity. The heat symptoms in the dairy herd are becoming weak and the time span is also becoming short. In many cases, the dairy herd might show heat symptoms at night only.

The incomes of dairy farmers directly get affected when they use traditional methods to detect heat among the dairy herd. Besides decreasing the conception rate, it also affects the overall business of a dairy farm.

Solutions to overcome heat detection problems among dairy herd

Keeping in mind the various challenges faced by Indian dairy farmers, Prompt has come up with a smart IoT-based solution – BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System.

It is a non-invasive animal wearable device that detects the onset of your cattle’s heat with 90% proven accuracy. This smart cow monitoring system is designed to ensure timely breeding through a specialised algorithm. This cattle management software will lead to improved productivity of your dairy farm.

This smart cow monitoring system is designed to:

  • Save costs related to labour, medical treatment, and semen.
  • Improve breeder’s efficiency and save time.
  • Improve overall farm management

Four reasons to opt for BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System

  • Monitoring

You can keep a track of your cattle remotely and on a real-time basis. Whenever your cattle show signs of heat, you can get your resources to inseminate them.

  • Recording of activities

The animal wearable works 24×7 to detect the heat of cattle based on their activities and movements. Even sniffing and chin resting is detected to ensure that no heat is missed. With the smart tracking of these activities, you can inseminate the cattle at the right time to increase the chances of conception.

  • Actionable insights

The real-time monitoring of cattle and their heat cycle provides dairy farmers with actionable insights. Dairy farmers can use that to inseminate the cattle at the right time. It will directly lead to a surge in income for them.

  • Alerts

This smart cow monitoring system can be easily integrated with your smartphones. It will help you in receiving timely alerts through SMS or emails. Besides heat detection, you can also get information about the overall general health of your dairy herd.

Another significant aspect of the BovSmart Animal Heat Detection System is the ability to detect animals that do not show any signs of heat. It is very important for dairy farmers to identify animals that do not show any signs of heat. A few animals might not show any signs of heat due to several reasons. Through this smart cow monitoring system, you can get precise information about such animals and learn why they are not ovulating.

Final thoughts

Heat detection is a very important factor to keep your dairy farm business profitable. With a smart IoT-based cow monitoring system, you can significantly improve your dairy farm profits. To know more details about how your dairy farm business can become more successful, please get in touch with us today.

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