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The current challenges in the Indian dairy industry and the smart solutions to fight them

There has been steady growth over the past two decades as India almost accounts for more than 18% of the total global milk production. With milk and milk product consumption being very high in India, the demand always remains high. In fact, the expected growth in the coming years is expected to remain very strong. However, with increasing demand, India needs smarter solutions like competent dairy farm management software that can act as a catalyst for growth.

Due to a lack of proper heat detection mechanisms, Indian dairy farmers incur significant losses and loss of productivity in their farms. The calving intervals often get increased, which results in a decline in animal performance.

  • Feed management

Healthcare centers for animals are always located far away. The number of vets is low as well, which puts a strain on the healthcare services offered to animals. The mortality rate becomes higher when there are no proper vaccines and de-worming programs followed.

  • Hygiene

Lack of hygiene directly affects the health of animals. With no proper shelters and space to rest, animals get exposed to harsh climatic conditions. There is always a fear of the milk quality getting affected in unhygienic conditions.

  • Pricing

Due to a lack of knowledge, dairy farmers often do not receive the right price for their milk. Based on the fat and solid non-fat milk content, dairy farmers often get lower returns.

Solutions for better farm management

Prompt has designed the revolutionary Farm 365 Animal Husbandry App keeping in mind the various challenges faced by Indian farmers. A dairy farmer’s companion, this dairy farm management software helps in proper management of cattle. Healthy cattle will often give the best milk.

Three reasons to opt for Farm 365 Animal Husbandry App

Here are three smart reasons why you must opt for this dairy farm management software.

  • Data recording

Dairy farmers can improve the breed of their cattle by preventing inbreeding. They also get data-driven insights for animal trading and medications based on the health history of animals.

  • Ration balancing program

Through an inbuilt ration balance calculator, you can identify the exact feed requirements of your cattle. This will prevent under of overfeeding to have optimal nutrition for your cattle.

  • Real-time alerts

With actionable alerts on a real-time basis, dairy farmers can remain vigilant about all the upcoming lifecycle events of the cattle. It will also help in reducing the inter-calving period for healthy cattle.

Final thoughts

The efficient management of a dairy farm is very important to ensure better profits and sustainability on a long-term basis. By making use of efficient dairy farm management software, you can take your dairy farm business to new heights of success. A profitable farm is one where the cattle are healthy, and optimum results are attained for the dairy farm owner. To know more about how your dairy farm can become more successful, please get in touch with us today.

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