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How the right use of technology can revolutionize the Indian dairy industry

India is the largest milk producer in the world, yet its dairy farmers continue to face challenges. When compared to the US or other countries from the EU (European Union), the rate of milk production per animal is very low in India. The livestock industry almost contributes 4% to the country’s GDP, yet, it is very surprising that the Indian dairy sector remains highly unorganized. In rural India, dairy farming is one of the biggest contributors to the overall economy.

The consumption of milk and milk products remains very high in India, as almost 100% of the produce is consumed. The demand is expected to only rise in the coming years. To meet the increasing demands and get better returns, Indian dairy farmers must adopt smart technology-based solutions. The evolution of technology is significant, and several sectors are harnessing its potential to become successful.

The right use of technology will also help the largely-unorganized Indian dairy industry structure itself better. The problems of inferior milk quality can also be overcome by utilizing technology-based solutions.

Current challenges related to dairy farm management

There are several challenges that Indian dairy farmers usually face. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • Competitiveness, productivity and production

With the rising demand for milk and milk products, the competitiveness in the Indian dairy industry must be increased. This can be achieved by reducing production costs and increasing animals’ productivity. There is also a need for better breeding and healthcare facilities and efficient cattle management.

  • Infrastructure

There is a significant lack of infrastructure for dairy farmers in rural areas. To improve the overall milk production and distribution process, it is important to have the right infrastructure that can help dairy farmers attain quality standards.

  • Feed and fodder

Due to a lack of education and awareness, many Indian dairy farmers do not have the right knowledge to feed their cattle. The grazing areas, too, are on a decline, which is not a healthy sign. The performance of dairy animals gets directly affected when they under-fed or over-fed. Thus, there is a need to feed dairy animals optimally.

  • Healthcare

The number of vets in comparison with cattle population is very low. This puts a lot of strain on the overall health of animals. With a lack of knowledge, dairy farmers cannot make the right decisions and have to compromise with cattle health and milk quality.

Solutions for better dairy farm management

Prompt has designed the Farm 365 Animal Husbandry App, keeping in mind the various challenges faced by Indian dairy farmers. It is a one-stop dairy farm management software that will every farmer’s ideal companion to manage their cattle. Keeping the dairy herd in good health directly results in better milk production. Through this dairy farm management software, you can get scientific advice and timely alerts for feeding and breeding. Through a better yield, you can not only keep your cattle healthy but also improve your profits.

Five reasons to opt for Farm 365 Animal Husbandry App

You must opt for this dairy farm management software due to these six smart benefits.

  • Record keeping

This dairy farm management software maintains the records related to PD, AI, medical health checkups, and the calving of cattle. It also maintains the breeding, feeding, and lactation records of cattle.

  • Education

It provides all the important information related to various lifecycle events of cattle and best practices for dairy farm management.

  • Alerts

It sends actionable alerts in real-time, which will help you understand different life cycle events of cattle.

  • Monitoring

It maintains a record of historical data that can be used to monitor the efficiency and milk productivity of cattle.

  • Ration balance calculator

Through an inbuilt ration balance calculator, you can ensure that the optimal nutrition requirements of each animal are met.

Final thoughts

To improve your profits, it is important to have a healthy and efficiently-managed dairy farm. Keeping your cattle fit and healthy is another vital aspect to improve your business. You can make use of this efficient dairy farm management software to achieve better results. To know more details about the Farm 365 Animal Husbandry App, please contact us today.

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