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How record-keeping software can help your dairy farm become successful in no time

Record-keeping is an essential function that helps any organization manage its information in an organized way. Dairy farms are no different, especially when farmers have to deal with a different breed of animals and perform a range of activities related to farm management. Any good livestock business will prosper if it is good with its records. When there are no written records, you need to rely on your memory, which is not a healthy practice. With growing age, there is always a risk of memory becoming weak, which can affect the decision-making process. Let us first have a look at the advantages offered by record-keeping software.

As a dairy farm owner, you will always have several tasks at hand. Accomplishing everything will be a challenge if you have to memorise all the activities. Thus it becomes important for dairy farm owners to have a good record-keeping system. Let us first have a look at the advantages offered by record-keeping software.

What are the advantages of using record-keeping software?

A dairy farm management app can be your progress card. It can help you identify your strength and weaknesses, besides giving you a holistic overview of your farm. By analyzing your records, you can also identify how well you are performing as compared to your past performance & your counterparts.  Here are some advantages of using record-keeping software.

  • Gives insights for better breeding plans.
  • Helps you identify the appropriate feeding requirements of each animal to prevent wastage or under-feeding.
  • Tracks animal health and detect unusual health conditions in time.
  • Helps compare herd performance with the help of historical data to identify the profit-and-loss scenario and future financial planning.
  • Provides overall support in farm management.

How to choose the right record-keeping software for your business?

There are several record-keeping software in the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Each software would have distinct features that would distinguish them from their counterparts. However, certain important functions are essential. We list the three important features that must essentially be a part of every dairy farm management app.

  • Animal-wise Data Recording

This will provide complete information about different breeds, improve their health and also prevent in-breeding. Through data-driven insights, you can get a better price when you trade your livestock. When you know about the complete health history of your animals, you can also give them medication accordingly. A healthy farm will always be a profitable farm. You can also get scientific farm management tips through awareness of important life cycle events of cattle.

  • Ration Balancing Program

Your cattle need to be in the best shape to produce healthy milk, which will also improve your earnings. With a ration calculator, you can identify the exact amount of feed your cattle needs for a healthy diet. It will prevent overfeeding or underfeeding of animal and promote optimum utilization of resources. When animals get optimal-level nutrition, it will also help reduce medication costs. Furthermore, as feed comprises almost 70% of the milk production cost, it is important to prepare a nutritional ration plan with an optimum budget. By keeping the costs in check, you can ensure a profitable dairy farm business.

  • Real-time Alerts

To keep the health of your farm in the best shape, you must remain vigilant and well-informed. When you have real-time, actionable alerts activated, you can always remain prepared for various upcoming life-cycle events of your cattle. It will not only reduce the inter-calving period but will also keep your herd healthy. You can expect profitable returns when your herd is in the best health.

Final Thoughts

Technology is playing a major role in simplifying the way we live and work. As a dairy farm owner, you must invest in record-keeping software. Spending 10-15 minutes each day updating the records will help you in the long run. It will ensure good health for your cattle, reduce your expenditure, and improve your income.

A seasoned technology partner in the Indian dairy industry with proven expertise can help your dairy farm unleash its potential. Prompt Equipment can help you with the record-keeping needs of your farm through the innovative Farm365 dairy farm management app. To know more details, please contact us today.

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