Cattle Heat
Detection System

A Complete Purview On Cattle Activity

The BovSmart Animal Wearable is a comfortable non-invasive IoT (Internet of Things) solution designed for detecting the onset of the cow’s heat cycle with 90% proven accuracy. Developed with a specialised algorithm, it is designed to ensure timely breeding with high-success rates. This heat detection system leads to improved productivity and better animal health. Good cattle health facilitates better quality of milk which results in an increased yield.

Saves cost on labour, semen, medical treatment.

Improves farm management.

Increases breeder’s efficiency and saves time.


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Product Highlights

Real-time monitoring and remote tracking of cattle

Actionable insight to improve Farmer’s Earnings through real-time monitoring of oestrus and animal health

Records activity profile, rumination profile, etc

Actionable timely alerts sent to farmer through SMS or email regarding heat detection and general health


Key Features

  • Immediate signal from activity tag
    for oestrus (heat) detection
  • Individual collar-worn wireless
    activity tag for cows
  • In case of lost collar or ill cow,
    farm staff is alerted immediately
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Software for cow-related data
    processing and in-browser visualisation
  • Economical and robust
  • Easy to operate
  • Activity plot preview determined
    by the system
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