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How to chill milk instantly and maintain its quality for better financial returns

India is the largest milk producer in the world, with most of the milk generated by small dairy farms. They lack access to modern technology because of which the existing quality of milk is not as desired. As milk is highly perishable, it needs to be chilled to around 4°C instantly to prevent the growth of bacteria and maintain its quality.

Fresh milk from a cow or buffalo can be the best source of wholesome nutrition. However, people rarely get to consume fresh milk as the entire process related to chilling and delivery of milk is very time-consuming. Transporting the milk to a dairy or chilling plant can take a few hours, which depletes the freshness of the milk. Pasteurisation and boiling of milk further reduce its nutritional value. This leads to farmers not getting the right price for the milk they deliver.

As a solution, Prompt has come up with MilkoChill, a revolutionary instant milk chiller that chills milk at the source. It is a patented technology that helps farmers chill fresh milk instantly on their dairy farms. In the absence of a milk chiller at the source, not only the quality of milk decline but farmers as well do not get good returns for the milk they sell.

Chilling prevents bacteria growth and maintains the protein level of milk. Keeping in mind the problem of lack of electricity, our instant milk chiller can also work on grid power or solar power. So, even when there is no electricity, farmers can still use the MilkoChill to chill milk instantly. The MilkoChill can chill 40 litres of milk per hour.

Three strong reasons to opt for MilkoChill

1. Unique Thermodynamic design
The MilkoChill features a patented evaporator and multi-utility heat pump that is licensed from IIT, Mumbai.

2. Hot water generation capacity
It comes with a facility to generate up to 100 LPD of hot water, at 55°C. This is possible as a by-product of heat recovery and the hot water can easily be used for equipment cleaning-in-place (CIP) and cattle sanitation.

3. Low energy consumption
The innovative technology of MilkoChill helps reduce energy consumption and operate efficiently as compared to conventional systems. The power consumption is less than 1000 W.

Other key benefits of MilkoChill

1. It is economical so that farmers can get a good return on investment.
2. The machine has been designed keeping in mind the average Indian farmer. The operation of this machine is very simple and is very easy to maintain with no significant cost.
3. The machine is scalable and compact in design, which will not consume much space.
4. It will prevent milk spoilage and improve its shelf life so that it can be stored for a longer period of time.
5. Through better milk quality management, farmers can easily command a higher price, leading to an increase in their income.
6. The machine can also be connected with eco-friendly energy like solar power.

Our ideas and innovations are in our pursuit of purity. We believe that maintaining the sanctity of milk is important and being the oldest healthy drink in the world, it must be consumed untouched and unadulterated. We also aim to empower the farmers in India and improve their financial situation through the right use of technology.

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