Why do you need an Instant Milk Chilling Machine in your dairy business

Instant Milk Chilling Machine: An innovation to sustain purity

In the scientific process of making raw milk a product for consumption, it takes a minimum of two hours, on average, for the milk to reach the chilling facility after it is produced freshly on a farm. Since raw milk’s properties do not allow it to be a very long-lasting product, it becomes imperative to chill the milk as soon as it is produced. This is a process that is followed throughout the world. However, developing countries like India, with its highly arid weather conditions, especially during the summers in the villages, face many difficulties in keeping up with this method sustainably.

When raw milk is not chilled immediately, it becomes a playground for different kinds of bacteria to come and play. Studies have shown that milk exposed to room temperature constantly or delayed in cooling, many biochemical changes occur. Due to the presence of these enzymes and bacteria, the milk becomes unpalatable with a strong bitter and yeast-like flavour in it. The level of fatty acids in raw milk depends upon the temperature at which the milk was stored.


Prompt’s MilkoChill is a technology that looks at catering to this exact issue that dairy farms face. To keep the bacteria at bay and ensure the purity of the raw milk, MilkoChill is a milk chilling machine available right at the doorstep of the farmer to cut out any delays that take place in chilling the milk. With its cost-effective nature and sustainable properties, MilkoChill is the ideal instant milk-chilling solution that avoids milk wastage.

MilkoChill is the answer to milk chilling problems at the source and how to develop clean, sustainable and affordable ways to keep dairy management a success. Prompt has come up with exclusive technologies that have been patented by IIT, Mumbai, to ensure that the farmers receive a good return in their business. With the usage of in-house technology like the MilkoChill, raw milk will always find a way to remain pure and without bacteria that reduces its shelf-life.


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