Automatic milk collection system

Successful installation of Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCU) in South Region During COVID-19 stress

The year 2020 has weakened everyone, either its human health or the world economy. It has been a tough time for all the organizations since the day COVID-19 has hit the world. However, to stop is not an option. Prompt Equipments has been working to improve the lives of farmers and has offered many revolutionary solutions like automatic milk collection system to favouring the dairy industry. The equipments company understood the severity of the situation and moulded the whole process as per the need. 

Prompt Equipments is one of the companies dedicatedly working to bring changes in the dairy industry and farmers’ life. It has been working to pursue purity and serve the most ancient health drink without being touched. It has not just introduced digitalization in the dairy industry but has connected each farmer with technology. 

In Dec 2020, when the whole world was panicking because of COVID-19, Prompt chose to remain calm and followed the essential measures to restrain the virus’s spread. The company continued its work and services while following the government’s guidelines and endeavoured to provide uncompromising services and solutions on time. 

Prompt received a call from a small village of the south region, seeking help to bring transparency to their dairy industry. It seemed to be an impossible task because the spread of the virus was at a climax. The state federation also placed the order of 200 Automatic Milk Collection Unit. Prompt decided to undergo in-depth research, uncover the possible challenges and draft a plan to make the impossible task successful and viable. 

Why did they order for Automatic Milk Collection System?

AMCU is one of the most effective and efficient solutions developed by Prompt equipments to introduce transparency between farmers and milk unions and thicken trust between them. The inclusion of the future-changing AMCU solution also assures fair payment to the farmers. AMCU helps transform the entire manual data entry work into a digital one, ultimately bringing transparency by maintaining records. It adds an online centralized cloud-connected system for milk procurement and holds the history of each farmer. 


How challenging was it to install AMCU?

Besides the COVID-19 havoc, there were many other challenges that Prompt has to face for bringing transformation in the working process of the federation. From ground level to top-level, everything needed attention and effort. Here are few challenges: 

1) The Federation requested to complete the project within 15 days, and it was tough as Covid-19 has already slowed down the transportation and other necessary services. 

2) All the societies were located in remote areas and were around 500 km distant from the urban areas. So, it was challenging to gather material and deliver all the systems to the location due to pandemic stress and the festive season. 

3) Another big challenge was to make systems operational even in the low network coverage.

4) The Federation also demanded that all society should be functional within a week. So, it was a huge pressure on us to make this impossible task successfully possible. 

How Prompt worked to turn impossibilities into reality? 

Prompt Equipments drafted a well-strategized plan to make things possible. 

We shifted our highly experienced service engineers to the location, and they worked for complete 72 hours to finish the installation. Our engineers installed 200 systems within six days. They worked day and night to accomplish the milestone. In order to get the full network coverage, we installed 50 to 60 antennas in the low network areas to get a proper network so that systems can operate correctly. Meanwhile, we never compromised with the guidelines issued by Govt to restrain the spread of COVID-19. We successfully installed the Automatic Milk Collection Unit at the desired location and trained the operators for future use. We ensured that the societies were fully satisfied with the product and services. 

The Automatic Milk Collection Unit project was inaugurated on 2nd December by honourable CM. The state govt. praised our project and appreciated the company for its dedication and hard work. The state government is planning to digitalize 17000 societies within three years to bring transparency to the lives of farmers and milk societies. We believe in bringing change for a better tomorrow. 


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