Women Empowerment: See how these women are being the ‘man’ of their families

The women in Shivpura village of Banaskantha district have become the talk of the town for their unwavering contribution to the dairy industry. These women are becoming the economic backbone of the dairy industry apart from juggling the responsibilities towards their families. Even during challenging times when they haven’t earned significant output from agriculture, they can still live pleasingly on the profits yielded from dairy business. Shivpura is a backward village with meagre facilities and resources, but still, the women here happen to be the breadwinner of the family. These women are actively contributing to the growth of the dairy industry and their village which has caught people’s attention.

They walk long paths carrying heavy cans filled with milk on their head to deposit milk which earns them money. They’re relinquishing all the limitations and breaking barriers to empower themselves and set an inspirational example for other women.
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