Dairy sector

Digital Transformation of the Dairy Sector

The Covid-19 pandemic has for sure brought major upheavals. While many sectors faced the brunt of it, the dairy sector gradually witnessed an upsurge. The …

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Dairy Technology

Dairy Farming & Technology Can Together Change the Face of Indian Dairy Industry

The highest level of milk production and consumption of all the countries is in India, with over 187 million tonnes every year. Indian dairy production …

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national milk day

India’s Dairy Industry – From the Largest, to the Best

We are all living in changing times today, but the dairy industry has undergone some revolutionary changes in the past few decades. The torchbearer of …

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Farm365- Dairy farm management software

Farm 365- A Move Towards Precision Dairy Farming

As India advances towards ‘Precision Dairy Farming’, maximizing individual animal potential is paramount to managing dairy farms. Its perceived benefits include enhanced efficiency, productivity, improved …

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Ultrasonic milk Analyzer

Cloud Calibration Enabled Milk Testing Equipment

Milk Testing Equipment are a very significant part of the Milk Procurement Process in the Dairy Supply Chain. It tests various quality parameters of the …

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automatic milk collection system

Benefits of Automatic Milk Collection System for the Dairy Co-operatives

Automatic Milk Collection Systems have played a significant role in streamlining and digitalizing the Dairy ecosystem. These systems are well-designed, well-integrated and sophisticated, which digitalize …

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