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Dairy Farming & Technology Can Together Change the Face of Indian Dairy Industry

The highest level of milk production and consumption of all the countries is in India, with over 187 million tonnes every year. Indian dairy production has historical roots that go back 8,000 years. It consumes the most milk worldwide, drinking over 81 thousand metric tons in the year 2020. Approximately 4.2% of India’s gross domestic product is due to dairy production.

The country’s per capita milk availability grew from 130 grams per day in 1950-51 to 374 grams per day in 2017-19, compared to the world’s estimated average consumption of 294 grams per day in 2017. This indicates a steady increase in the supply of milk and milk products for our rising population.

But is this enough?

Farmers are facing increasing challenges as the population grows, lifestyles change, urbanization expands, and climate change accelerates. The difficulty used to be providing enough feed, but now it’s about providing vital nutrients to promote health, particularly reproductive health; and in the future, the challenge will be to offer optimal nutrients based on an animal’s genetic profile and production.

Farmers also have to look out for the production and management of day-to-day milk production. They need to manage the health of cattle herd, making sure it leads to high profitability. Fortunately, along with obstacles, scientific advancements are opening up new opportunities for addressing them.

Introducing the most effective and highly reliant technologies from Prompt.


Milkeasy Milking Machine

Prompt’s Milkeasy Milking Machine is designed considering performance for the production of milk. Advances in technology have introduced several innovations to the machine. Farmers can now produce milk with more speed and efficiency with the help of milking machines.

In addition to the performance, it helps in eliminating the contamination that usually happens in the traditional milking process, which leads to achieving a minimum bacterial count. It also ensures to make sure there is no injury to the animals by milking them gently.

Stay carefree with the best comfort, cleaning, and safety of your animals with the Milkeasy Milking Machine from Prompt.

Farm365- Dairy Farm Management App

It is the complete solution for cattle management. It is the most reliable farmer’s companion in efficiently managing his cattle herd. With this app, framers receive regular scientific advice and real-time actionable alerts to improve and implement cattle feeding, cattle breeding, and cattle health, resulting in increased yield.

What’s more?

● Animal Wise Data Recording

Prompt’s Farm365 App helps farmers improve the breed. It also prevents inbreeding, encourages data-driven animal trade, medicine based on the health history of the animals, preventive healthcare measures, and keeps track of cattle’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

● Ration Balancing Program

It is important for cattle to be healthy in order to produce healthy milk. Farmers will be able to trace the exact feed requirement of each animal and prevent over or under-feeding of animals with the help of an inbuilt

ration balance calculator. The biggest advantage of the ration balancing program is with optimum nutrition, the cost of medication can be reduced.

● Fingerprint Alerts

With real-time actionable alerts, farmers can take action on time on all the upcoming life cycle events that result in a reduction of the inter- calving period, leaving the herds healthy and profitable.


Bovtag is a mobile app-based digital ear tag reader. It makes the difficult process of animal identification simple and efficient. It works through capturing the image of the existing ear tag of the animal and extracts the unique identification number on it. To ensure authenticity it records the date, time, and geolocation from where the data is captured. To make the process smooth and efficient, it has the integration of unique identification numbers with farm management software to extract the exact details of the animal.

More reasons to have BOVTAG

● It has increased error-free reading of existing ear tag

● Makes cattle identification easy, effective, and efficient

● 100% authentic data is captured through geo-tagging

● It is one in all which doesn’t require other tag reading devices

Still, have doubts about the quality and results?

Prompt have believed in the pursuit of purity. We are the leading innovator providing all the dairy equipment for the effective dairy procurement supply chain. With more than 850+ employees, 221+ district presence, and 20+ dairy supply chain products we make sure farmers have the most profit with stress-free life.

Maintain the purity of milk with us!

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